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day after election 2016

What It Was Like The Day After Election 2016

Yesterday, we had no idea that today would be our reality. We honestly did not predict this outcome, but this is it. At Girl In Gamba, we believe keeping everything upbeat and…

Canadian Foods after election day

Canadian Foods To Eat After Election Day

In honor of Election Day, I am giving you amazing Canadian foods via Instagram. Now, I’m an American and I’ve never been to Canada, (shocker!) but I hope you find this listicle…

How to get an entertainment internship

How To Get An Entertainment Internship

When I was looking for internships, this was perhaps one of the most searched questions I did! As a student living in New York City, I majored in the business of the…

sunday brunch bunch two hands


Who loves brunch? I do! Recently, I visited Two Hands on Mott St (they also have a location in Tribeca), and it was really delicious! I tried the Acai bowl, avocado toast, and…

dirty shirley cocktail

Bloody Dirty Shirley Cocktail For Halloween

I love cocktails as much as the next girl, and since Halloween is coming up, what better time to craft a Halloween cocktail! It’s a dirty shirley cocktail perfect for Halloween! I actually…


Get On The List

We can’t tell you who’s on the list or what’s on the list, but you want to be on the list.

8.5 Chez Justine Brunch in Paris

SUNDAY BRUNCH BUNCH: Chez Justine Brunch in Paris

Whenever I think of eggs benedict or eggs florentine, I think of having brunch at Chez Justine in Paris. Instantly I am brought back to happy summer days walking down Rue Oberkampf from…

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