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thanksgiving pumpkin cocktail

The Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cocktail You Must Try

So, something that we won’t tell you is how we accidentally discover cocktail recipes. Well, we’re breaking that rule today! I bet you’re wondering about this Thanksgiving pumpkin cocktail. Well this was…

Planning Friendsgiving Last Minute

Planning Friendsgiving Last Minute

Last minute party plan is back! And this time we are going to give you some suggestions on planning Friendsgiving last minute! This is super easy, and yes I did put together that…

thanksgiving sangria

Thanksgiving Sangria Cocktail Recipe

Hello world! I bet you’re wondering where is your normal Sunday Brunch Bunch review! We’re putting it on hold because who else loves a nice sangria? We do! And this is a Thanksgiving…

Planning Thanksgiving Abroad

Planning Thanksgiving Abroad Stress Free

In the Fall of 2014, I spent a semester abroad in Florence, which was amazing! However, I didn’t have my family to celebrate Thanksgiving with! Often times, I wondered how do people…

spring break playlist

Sorority Alum Events That You Must Plan

If you’ve read my about me page, you’d know that I was a sorority girl. One of the positions I held involved planning sorority alum events to increase engagement with the alums…

Sunday Brunch Cafe Mocha


Hello everybody! It’s time for another Sunday Brunch Bunch post! I am so excited, and I’m sure you are too! So what lovely place did we go to next? Cafe Mocha! It’s…


Get On The List

We can’t tell you who’s on the list or what’s on the list, but you want to be on the list.

8.5 Chez Justine Brunch in Paris

SUNDAY BRUNCH BUNCH: Chez Justine Brunch in Paris

Whenever I think of eggs benedict or eggs florentine, I think of having brunch at Chez Justine in Paris. Instantly I am brought back to happy summer days walking down Rue Oberkampf from…

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