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Being single for the holidays is the best

Why Being Single For The Holidays Is The Best

I know I’ve been a bit anti-relationship lately. However, I really do love being single. Don’t get me wrong! It would be really nice to have a significant other to spend the…

Best places to spend the holidays abroad

The Best Places To Spend The Holidays Abroad

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of spending the holidays abroad. I must say that there is something magical about being in another country during the holidays. Although I didn’t…

Preparing for a very post-grad holiday

How To Prepare For A Very Post-Grad Holiday

Celebrating the holidays as a post-grad is very different! Honestly, the holidays as a child were magical. There was definitely an element of fantasy involved. However, it’s different as an adult! I remember…

Reminiscing About Childhood Christmas

Reminiscing About My Childhood Christmas

Hello everyone and welcome to the first day of Blogmas! If you don’t know what Blogmas is, it’s usually 25 days of holiday-related posts! I remember when I was addicted to watching…

Easy French dinner party

How To Host An Easy French Dinner Party

So, if you follow or watch my Instagram stories, you may have seen that I hosted a dinner party! But it wasn’t just any dinner party, it was a French dinner party!…


Get On The List

We can’t tell you who’s on the list or what’s on the list, but you want to be on the list.

8.5 Chez Justine Brunch in Paris

SUNDAY BRUNCH BUNCH: Chez Justine Brunch in Paris

Whenever I think of eggs benedict or eggs florentine, I think of having brunch at Chez Justine in Paris. Instantly I am brought back to happy summer days walking down Rue Oberkampf from…

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