How To Plan Your Perfect Adult Sleepover

planning an adult sleepover

As a post-grad, I do enjoy an adult sleepover. There is nothing better than sitting back with your gal pals and talking about boys or complaining about your life. It’s so satisfying! However, sometimes planning an adult sleepover can be really easy or really hard depending on how epic you want it to be. I haven’t written a party post in a while, so I figured this is great timing since the temperatures are starting to cool.

Believe it or not but I wasn’t allowed to attend a sleepover until I was in high school. I remember watching teen movies and wanting to go to a sleepover so bad. Does anyone else remember when Mia Thermopolous had a royal sleepover in Princess Diaries 2? I literally wanted to go to a sleepover like that. Also, I remember watching the sleepover in 13 Going On 30. I so desperately wanted to do all the wacky things like in the movies because I thought those sleepovers looked so cool.

However, the time eventually came where I did get to go to sleepovers. The exception here was that my mom had to come in, inspect the house, talk to my friend’s parents, and ask if I really wanted to sleepover. I was really excited and had never been to a sleepover, so naturally, I wanted to. So, my experience with sleepovers started later than most people. However, from my understanding, adult sleepovers are super common now because who doesn’t love a girls night in? As a result, I’ve crafted five tips on how to plan your very own adult sleepover!

Call Up Your Gal Pals

Us post-grads (and older!) are so extremely busy! So, make sure that you all settle on a date. Everyone should stick to this date and avoid any cancellations if possible. This is really time for you to kick back and relax. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while because of work or school or any other obligations. Get everyone excited and maybe even come together on a theme.

Choose A Theme

An adult sleepover doesn’t have to have a theme, but it doesn’t hurt to come up with something fun. I like spa nights or game nights! With the holidays coming up, maybe you could host a spooky night! It’s totally ok if you just want to chill with a bottle of win too! Make sure everyone is on the same page!

Gather Some Activities

Like choosing a theme, an adult sleepover doesn’t need to have activities. So, don’t feel any pressure to try to come up with any. BUT, adult sleepovers can be so much fun when you do have activities so I have some suggestions. If it’s a spa night, opt for some facial masks, face scrubs, body lotions, and pore strips. If it’s a spooky theme, grab some festive cookies from the grocery store, make a spooky playlist, and maybe do some pumpkin carving. Game nights are pretty easy too if you have any games available. You could also play some card games! Cards Against Humanity anyone?

These might be too much for some, but Bustle has a really good post filled with some activity ideas if you just want a low-key adult sleepover.

DRINKS! And maybe some food too…

An adult sleepover would be nothing without the drinks. I mean get your bar cart stocked and ready to go! The best part about adult sleepovers, which I think makes them totally fun, is having a small glass of wine with friends. At an adult sleepover earlier this year,  we started laughing and catching up on things while sharing our favorite cider. It was so much fun!

However, I definitely understand if drinks aren’t your thing. That’s why you stock your fridge with all the unhealthy food you want! I’m talking pizza, cookies, cake, french fries, ice cream. Try to get everyone’s favorite foods!

Have Fun

Lastly, have fun at your adult sleepover! This is really a time to catch up with your girls. You never know if one of your friends just needs to get away and have a girls night therapy session. Everyone should have fun and not worry about the pressures of adulting. That’s what they’re meant for!

So, although my exposure to sleepovers did come a bit late, I really hope these tips helped you in planning your next adult sleepover!


Question of the day: Have you ever had an adult sleepover? What’s your favorite thing about them?

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  1. I haven’t had a sleepover in forever! Sometimes I stay over at a friend’s place, but I usually fall asleep right away because my friend and I always plan an entire day of activities because she lives so far away.

    x Envy

  2. Oh my gosh I’d love to have a sleepover like they did in Princess Diaries 2! If only I was a princess with a big enough castle…

    Thanks so much for these tips! I often pig out on popcorn and watch films on my sleepovers.

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