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laduree goldbely review

Not too long ago, I found out that Ladurée delivers their signature Ladurée macarons in the U.S. However, they do it through a website called, GoldBely. When I was trying to find out more about it, it was hard to find any reviews! So, I thought why not do a review and talk about my experience ordering Ladurée macarons on GoldBely.

One of the reasons why I decided to order Ladurée macarons was because my mom absolutely adores them. So, for Christmas, I wanted to surprise her with this treat! One thing that I was really scared of was that the macarons would come late, not show up at all, or would come crumbled. Luckily, none of these things happened. One thing I noticed about GoldBely was that many people said they didn’t receive their package or their food was crumbled. However, these were from other stores and not from Ladurée. So, when ordering from GoldBely, keep in mind that GoldBely kind of acts as the middleman between the store and the customer.

I can’t speak for anyone outside of the USA, but the Ladurée macarons ship from their Soho store in New York City.

Let’s Talk About The Positives of Ordering Ladurée Macarons….

Laduree Macarons Goldbely Review
The box the macarons are shipped in

I ordered the box of 12 macarons and wanted two-day shipping. As mentioned, they came exactly on time. I have to be honest, I was so worried because I thought that they wouldn’t arrive. Additionally, because Christmas day wasn’t a choice for delivery, I received the macarons 3 days before Christmas. Now, I know people say to eat macarons within 4 days, but here’s how I got them to last well over a week.

How To Get The Macarons To Last

To hide the macarons, I stored them in the back of my refrigerator, in a plastic bag. I’m not sure if this is why they lasted so long, but they were still really good on Christmas. Additionally, I kept them in the refrigerator until they were all gone, which was a week after Christmas.


So, the macarons were traveling for two days. They arrived in a huge box and packaged with tons of foam and bubble wrap to ensure a safe delivery. Additionally, when you opened up the box, there were inserts to keep the shape of the macarons, presumably to keep them from crumbling. This kind of care really impressed me and I was super satisfied.

Let’s Talk About The Negatives…

I hate talking about negatives because I feel like I’m complaining. However, ordering Ladurée macarons from GoldBely is no exception to a couple of cons.


Laduree Goldbely Review
Forgot to take a picture of the plastic insert that goes on top of these!

I was a bit disappointed by the presentation. As mentioned, none of the macarons came broken or crumbled. However, one thing that did bother me was that there were only 4 flavors of macarons.

When ordering the Ladurée macarons from GoldBely, there seems to be a suggestion in the description that you get what the chef picks. However, in the sidebar, there is a spot where you can request to contact them for a custom order. Honestly, I was a bit pressed for time and the custom order request seemed to go through GoldBely and not to Ladurée. I was really undecided because I heard that GoldBely takes forever to respond to inquires. Because of this, I can’t really be mad that there wasn’t a true assortment.

That being said, all of the pictures for the box of 12 advertise a true assortment and even in the description, there is a suggestion that there will be 9 regular flavors and 3 seasonal ones. This wasn’t the case for me but since they weren’t broken and came just in time for Christmas, I didn’t bother to complain. Perhaps if I had more time, I would’ve made sure I got a true assortment.


Ladurée macarons are expensive. They have been since I’ve been buying from them, and I’ve bought them in 3 different countries. So, it wasn’t a surprise that a box of 12 macarons were $41. Now, if you read the pros above, the packaging is practically full-proof. I mean the delivery guy actually left the box upside down and these macarons did not break at all. So, I do think for packaging such as this and in two days, its $35 price tag is a bit justified. However, I know not everyone would be thrilled with spending over $70 for 12 macarons.

Laduree Macarons Goldbely Review
Typical luxurious Ladurée box

Was It Worth It?

It’s hard to say if ordering these Ladurée macarons from GoldBely is worth it. However, my mom was really surprised and really happy. She loves Ladurée and seeing her face light up was definitely something that made me feel good. So, for me, I think this time was worth it because she was absolutely over the moon.

As mentioned, the Ladurée macarons ship from their Soho NYC location. I’ve personally been to the store many times when I lived in NYC. Additionally, when I visit New York, I still like to go there and pick up a little gift for my mom. So, it’s hard to say if I’ll order from Ladurée on GoldBely again. I definitely do like to pick up a treat for my mom and fly back to give them to her, but I can understand if you want to do something a little special every now and then.

My final verdict? I think if you’re going to be shelling out the money, make sure you’re getting the assortment you truly want. This is a great alternative if you want to get something really special for someone who adores Ladurée and you can’t actually get to the store. However, I think the decision should ultimately be yours.

Question of the day: Did this review help you? Are you going to buy Ladurée macarons from GoldBely?

Let me know your thoughts and questions down in the comments! Also, let me know if you want me to do another GoldBely review! I’m thinking of ordering from the Cookie DŌ store next.

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  • Time Of Arrival
  • Quality Of Product
  • Price
  • Product Was The Same As Advertised
The Good

Good Packaging

Shipping Time Was Accurate

Tasted Lovely

The Bad

A Bit Expensive (To Be Expected)

Wasn't A True Assortment

  1. This post is very interesting. I’ve never ordered food from an online store because I always thought it will arrived smashed. Although Ladurée products are expensive I reckon they are great quality ones. I believe I’ll ordered some foodie products thanks to this review.

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