NYC Restaurant Reviews: Is Shake Shack Worth It?

If you’ve ever been to NYC or ever thought about going to NYC, I’m sure you’ve heard about Shake Shack. As some of you may know, I used to live in NYC and as it’s been a while since my last NYC restaurant review, I figured why not do one on Shake Shack. So, is Shake Shack worth it? Yes, and here’s why.

Shake Shack is a New York City-based chain that has quite a few locations now across the United States and internationally as well (I think there’s a store in London). However, I think you get the authentic experience at an NYC store because that’s where it all began, right? Now, when I lived in NYC, I absolutely loved Shake Shack, but I didn’t get the chance to visit as much as I wanted. Why? One word: crowds.

Do The Crowds Make Shake Shack Worth It?

Is Shake Shack Worth It?
Here are my shroom burger and fries. I like to put mayo on mine!

So, Shake Shack is super crowded because it’s super popular. It also kind of keeps with the shack idea, meaning that most of their establishments are small. There’s nothing really wrong with this, but it does mean that you will be waiting for a bit. So, you should keep that in mind when going. However, there are times during the day that are better to avoid lines. This means going at times where people normally don’t have lunch or dinner. With their Madison Square Park establishment, you’ll probably be able to get through the line fast when it’s really cold since it’s all outside seating.

That being said, I still say that my answer to the question is Shake Shack worth it is still yes. This is because the food, alone, is so yummy. Now, I’m a pescatarian and normally I eat french fries and a shake at a burger joint. However, Shake Shack’s vegetarian shroom burger is so delicious! I mean that I am in love with this burger! Additionally, I am a huge fan of crinkle cut fries and that’s what Shake Shack does! Can you tell that I’m in love with Shake Shack?

Let’s Talk About The Menu…

I think burgers are pretty self-explanatory, but their only vegetarian option is a bit different from vegetarian options at other restaurants. So, the shroom burger is fried portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese. I know this is not for every vegetarian, but like I said, this is a burger joint and I think they try to make a veggie option for everyone to enjoy. I personally love the shroom burger and I think you’d like it even if you’re not a fan of mushrooms. Honestly, there’s so much cheese and sauce that you can’t taste the mushroom. Biting into it is literally almost like heaven.

Now, I think their shakes are a highlight too! You’re not going to get a super Instagrammable shake like you would at Black Tap, but you will get a yummy shake. They also have some pretty cool custards/concretes! They change their concrete flavors store to store and month to month so it’s hard for me to comment on all of them. However, I have had their red velvet flavor and Fly Me to the Shack (I think!).

Shake Shack Shroom Burger
My lunch | Credit: Girl In Gamba

Let’s Talk About Money…

Now, prices vary from store to store, but you can easily drop $15-$17 on a meal at Shake Shack. For NYC, I would say this is a median or even low price for a place that attracts tourists. I definitely say that it’s worth trying at least once. Additionally, when it comes to food service, you’re not getting much TLC because it’s an order and pick-up situation. However, most of the time, the staff is pretty nice.

So, I think you should check out Shake Shack as it’s perhaps one of my favorite touristy things to do in NYC. Since menus vary per store, they don’t have one for every location, but you can check out their website by clicking this link.

Question of the day: Is Shake Shack worth it? Do you think you’ll visit?

Let me know your thoughts and questions down in the comments!

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Photos are mine, Girl In Gamba.

  • Taste
  • Atmosphere
  • Quality of Service
  • Value for Your Money
The Good

Good Food

Great Locations

Reasonable Price For An NYC Hot Spot

The Bad

Can Get Really Crowded/ Long Lines

One Vegetarian Option

  1. I’m not sure if it’s different in London, but I wasn’t actually that blown away by it. It was good, but definitely not my favourite burger place in the city. But I do want to try it in the US, to see if there’s a difference!

    1. I can’t really speak for Shake Shack outside of NYC or even the burgers since I don’t eat meat, but if you’re ever in NYC, I’d definitely consider giving it a second chance!

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