How to Vacation Like Beyonce on a Budget

Beyonce goes on some pretty awesome trips. Have you ever thought about how to vacation like Beyonce? I know I have caught myself looking at Instagram travel pictures, and think about how much I wish I could travel like that. Is it really possible? I’ve had my fair share of travels, mostly in Europe. However, my pictures are nowhere legit like Beyonce’s. It seems like she goes on super exotic destinations! I am by no means an expert on budget traveling, but I figured this would be a fun subject to tackle. After much research, I’ve gathered some tips on how you can travel like Beyonce. Well, at least close to it.

How To Vacation Like Beyonce On A Budget

Sky Miles/Points

If you want to vacation like Beyonce, this is by far the best way to not pay for your flights. Now, how do you do this when you can’t really afford to travel that much anyway. Well, there’s another way, but it involves a credit card. There are different credit cards that you can use that have high enrollment bonuses. One being Amex. Please research and find the right credit card that will give you the best deal on getting miles. These cards aren’t advertised well for a reason. Just be sure to manage your money smart and effectively. You may be essentially getting free miles from using it, but you still have to pay your bill.


You don’t necessarily have a Beyonce budget to book a super expensive hotel room, but you might be able to find some dope accommodations on Airbnb or HomeAway. I’ve had friends use Airbnb before and I’ve been super jealous of some of the apartments and houses they’ve scored. Totally Instagram worthy.

Cheap Places

Something I’ve learned from traveling is to avoid super tourist places. Those are probably going to eat your money away and you can’t vacation like Beyonce like that. A popular place to travel that looks absolutely gorgeous is Thailand. I’ve heard about Thailand being super cheap, but I’ve also heard about scams. Honestly, before you go to any foreign country, you should research how to be smart in those countries. That means avoiding scams, being pick-pocketed, or having anything stolen.


Lastly, if you went to a globally known university like me, chances are you have friends in many countries. Reach out to them because ultimately they know the hottest places to go. This means you’ll get some really cool pictures that may even have Beyonce jealous!

So, that’s how you vacation like Beyonce, or at least close enough. Also, a special thanks goes out to Travel. Paint. Repeat. A lot of my research came from that blog. So, check them out for some awesome tips! They’ve got some more websites and tricks on how to do some really cool travels on a limited budget.

Do some bomb travels friends…. like Beyonce….


This article is part of the 10-day countdown to Summer 2017! It’s a series of all things Summer-related to kick off June through Labor Day! To see more posts from this summer series, click here! Or if you just want some travel tips, check out the travel archives!

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