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submitting your job application

Recently, I talked about revamping your resume skills section, but this is only one part of the major puzzle. Today, I’m going to be talking about quality job postings and what you should be aware of before submitting your job application.

Why would a quality job posting even matter? Well, the job of an HR recruiter is to find the appropriate candidate and a quality job posting helps accomplish this. Additionally, it creates value for the poster and the potential candidate.

When I was applying for internships and jobs, I very rarely noticed bad qualities in the job posting. Honestly, I was very concerned with getting my resume in first, which may have been a bit desperate. When I took the time to really look at the job, I noticed what sets apart a good job posting from a not so good one. Ultimately, a job posting is like a blueprint for the person applying. That is why you should pay attention to them because it can be really insightful into where they are and where you are career-wise.

It Should Tell You What They’re Looking For

This seems like a no-brainer but believe me when I say that some job postings don’t tell the person what they are looking for. I remember when one of my friends applied for a job and was called for an interview. In prepping for the interview, she had no idea what questions to ask. It was hard for her to prepare because the description was not clear. Before submitting your job application, really take a good look at the posting. Is it clear what they are looking for? If not, you may have a hard time tailoring your resume (which you should be doing for each posting). It will also be hard to be fully prepared for your interview and consequently for the job if you’re chosen.

It Should Have Specifics

Now, a good job description should have a few specific things that will indicate what the daily duties will be like. With most jobs, the day to day is never the same. However, if the entire description is vague, it really doesn’t do you any justice. Before submitting your job application, make sure the essential duties are clearly mapped out. That way you have an understanding of what is most important to the poster. If the duties are not clearly mapped out, then you run the risk of applying for a job that doesn’t really have a defined structure.

It Should Be Unique

I absolutely hate copy and paste job descriptions. One time when I was applying for an internship for one company, I noticed that another internship posting with the same company had the exact same description. For example, the consumer marketing posting had the exact same information as the international marketing posting. Clearly, these are two different types of marketing that need two types of duties. Most people who are in a hurry to get a job or an internship aren’t even aware of something like this. However, if you want a quality internship, and especially a quality job, pay attention to this before submitting your job application.

Hopefully, these tips will help you navigate the world before submitting your job application. Sometimes job descriptions are very telling of the kind of environment you could be working in. Keeping a lookout for these things will only help you strengthen your quality job searching. Remember, it is completely okay to be a little picky because I guarantee that these tips will help you get the quality job you want.

Question of the day: What things do you look for before submitting your job application?

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  1. So incredibly happy i found your blog because it’s exactly what’s happening in my life. I just went through this entire process recently and it is ruthless… the hardest part was salary. Switching roles isn’t easy and I was well aware to brace myself for a pay cut but when you see how much they are even willing to offer after all of the interviewing and prescreening it makes you feel like you’ve wasted your time. Luckily I found something that I liked and happened to utilize my network through LinkedIn, it’s not easy applying though.

    Xx Sarah

    1. I’m so glad everything ended up working out for you! I agree that it can definitely be a tiring and ruthless process! Thanks for reading, Sarah!

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