Annoying Things the Men of Bachelorette Do

annoying things men of bachelorette do

The 13th season of the Bachelorette has been on for quite some time and believe me when I say that I’ve been keeping track. However, after yesterday, the men of Bachelorette have some very annoying behaviors. Sure, they may be trying to fight for the affection of Rachel Lindsay, but I’m not sure if I could put up with them like she does. I’m not even sure if anyone has noticed these things, but they honestly creep/annoy the hell out of me. Maybe my standards are too high, but men, if you’re listening, try to keep these actions of “affection” to a minimum.

Men of Bachelorette, Stop Obsessing So Much


One of the most annoying things about Bachelorette (and The Bachelor), is how obsessed these guys are about Rachel. Ok, low key, I’m obsessed with Rachel because she’s such an inspiration. However, some of these guys act like they can’t breathe without her. Didn’t you just meet 7 weeks ago?

Horrible Kissing Techniques

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Bryan, we need to talk. You are in your late 30s so you should know better. Calm down with the kissing, bro. Rachel is a woman, not a home cooked meal. You don’t need to eat her face like that!

Why are you always lying?


Freaking DeMario. He was the biggest liar of them all. Lee was quickly a second. Did you think the producers of the show wasn’t going to uncover all of your dirt? Look, these shows are heavily produced, and where there’s drama and emotional baggage, these people and the Internet will find it.

One Word: Eric


I don’t want to call Eric out, but Eric has had many infractions throughout the season. First, he acted like a big baby because he didn’t get a one-on-one. Second, he calls women females (I get that this is super popular throughout the country, but it irks me to no end). Then, I get the feeling that he objectifies women. This is totally a theory because I don’t really know and have no solid evidence. However, the way he feels up on Rachel and spins her around at times really weirds me out. Lastly, the purring. Come on Eric. Stop that. Just stop it.

Admitting Things That You Shouldn’t


I understand where Will was coming from, but I really think he shouldn’t have said that he has only dated white girls. Not that he should be demonized or praised for that, but it really made him look bad. For me, it made him look bad in the sense that he doesn’t seem open to love with anyone but white women. As an equal opportunity dater, I think that’s a bit problematic. Also, there was no chemistry. Was that because he’s only dated white women? Hmmm, I don’t know.

Being Ridiculous In A Serious Moment

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I loved Dean. Truly thought he was a sweetheart and super open to dating Rachel. I loved how he was willing to sit and listen. I also liked how fun he was. However, one thing that was super annoying with Dean was that he would ask these absurd questions when Rachel was trying to have a serious question. I think most women (and men) would be annoyed by this. Don’t do that Dean. You’re a great guy and it’s ok to be serious once in a while.



I get it guys. You want to show that you’re men and you can take care of your woman. Believe me, I get it. However, there is a thing as too much masculinity. I guess the Bachelorette brings out too much testosterone in some people.

Being All Around Ridiculous


Yeah, you might want to keep weirdness to a minimum while dating. I get Lucas’ thing was for show, but it scared me and I wanted it to stop. The men of Bachelorette need to calm down, seriously.

Picking Women Up When You First Meet Them


Men of Bachelorette, why? This one I don’t get. I guess it’s romantic? I sincerely hope no one attempts to pick me up when I’ve just met them. Can someone explain this to me?

Leaving Your Girl By Herself

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Nooooo Kenny nooooo. I actually liked Kenny and his love for his daughter was sweet. Kenny lost points with me when he decided to confront douchebag Lee when he should’ve been whisked away with Rachel.

Final Thoughts?

So the men of Bachelorette can be quite ridiculous, but they’re pretty attractive. However, some of these behaviors are an absolute no and would make me question why I’m dating this person. Other behaviors are just minor annoyances.

What behaviors annoyed you the most this season? Let me know in the comments!

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