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Recently, while reading a Thought Catalog post, I noticed a comment. The main line that jumped out to me was, “and used your [redacted] platform as a blogger (no you don’t deserve to be called a writer)”. It really got me thinking and questioning if bloggers aren’t writers.

I am going to be forward in saying that I think bloggers should absolutely be considered writers, if not more. Many small to medium bloggers often take on many duties and this comment seems to write bloggers off as less than serious. Blogging isn’t just about writing and pressing publish. However, I will have a whole in-depth post about that coming soon.

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You don’t have to go far when trying to answer if bloggers aren’t writers. My google search landed me on this article and I think it’s worth mentioning. The opinion in the post is clear that bloggers aren’t writers and that blogging is entertainment. I have to agree that blogging is entertainment, but there are many types of bloggers. Many of us don’t repackage ideas into a nifty 500-word set for entertainment. Many of us really take time and effort to craft interesting pieces. Furthermore, in that case, writers, such as authors, can repackage ideas as well.

Let me be honest in saying that a lot of my old content did fit into the mold of entertainment. As I’ve grown, I’ve started to focus my attention on my inner thoughts, which can be really interesting sometimes. However, I definitely consider myself as a blogger where being a writer is one of the many things I am. You see, small to medium bloggers do A LOT. We’re writers, we’re social media marketers, we’re photographers, and we’re public relations coordinators. There are many different jobs we take on as bloggers, but I will admit that I understand why some may not see us that way.

When I was a freshman in college, in one of my communications core classes, we talked about how everyone can be a photographer these days because everyone has access to a camera now. The discussion became centered around about what makes a photographer a photographer. I can’t remember the exact idea we came to, but I can only assume that it is similar to the discussion here that relates to bloggers not being writers. Essentially, it seems to come down to discipline and hours put into the work. Can’t bloggers fit that mold?

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What I think needs to change here is the idea of what a writer may be. A writer doesn’t have to be an author who has published books. In the same breath, a writer doesn’t have to be someone who reports on the news. Personally, I think many bloggers can be considered writers because some of us are storytellers. We draft, edit, and complete stories and writings that are meant to draw someone into what we’re saying. I’m sure there are bloggers who don’t consider themselves writers. This is completely fine, but I don’t think stipulations should be made by telling people that bloggers aren’t writers because they don’t fit the traditional sense of the word.

So, if you feel like bloggers aren’t writers, I would consider reading this article. Geraldine hits the nail on the head when she says, “another important reason why we need to not dismiss blogging: it offers a platform to writers in underrepresented demographics and a means for them to promote their own work”. Not every blogger is a good writer, just like how every author isn’t a good writer. Blogging has given people the platform to potentially become writers. So, yes, I absolutely expel the notion that bloggers aren’t writers.

Question of the day: Do you disagree that bloggers aren’t writers?

Share your thoughts and comments down in the comment section!

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  1. I guess some bloggers are writers depending on their focus or niche. Like for example, my friend only keeps a blog for the purpose of photo dumps, photo diary but she still calls herself a blogger. We have our own takes on this, but you also got me confused on this haha! 🙂

    Ellaine | In Betweens

    1. It is quite confusing, isn’t it? I think you’re right that some bloggers are writers and it’s just how we choose to define ourselves. Thanks for reading!

  2. I’m so confused by that article’s basis, as if other forms of ‘accepted’ writing aren’t also considered entertainment? Do they call scriptwriters and novelists writers? Both tv, films and books are entertainment, too, so I don’t see their logic. I think if you’re putting pen (or, you know, keystrokes) to page, you’re a writer. There are bloggers out there who pour as much as their soul into their work as other, more generally-accepting writing professions do, and deserve the title of writer. (And I agree with you, as well- often many more titles, too, depending on if they use their own original photos and graphics or not.)

  3. You got me thinking with this one. Technically yes, by all means, bloggers are writers but they’re also so much more, like you already mentioned. On the other hand, I know novel writers who won’t call themselves writers until they make serious money on their writing. You can technically be a writer, even if you don’t publish on a blog or anywhere else, just writing for yourself as a hobby. Bloggers just get a bad name because we’re only human and have to do all the work ourselves, which includes editing the writing.

  4. I can relate to this so much. I studyed English at university and blogging was never officially classed as writing from my lecturers point of view, but reviewing books online was? To me there’s no difference but hey ho! Love this post!

  5. Absolutely bloggers are writers, I don’t understand how anyone could think we’re not? Similarly, people who keep diaries are writers, students who write essays are writers, etc. It’s not only journalists, magazine contributors, and authors who should be considered writers. We all are. If you write something down, whether or not you publish it, you are a writer. Fact. End of! Thank you for raising this subject. X

    Lisa |

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