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So for today’s Sunday Brunch Bunch, we are reviewing Hundred Acres NYC! This place is so chic, and very classy. When you think of brunch in NYC, you think of a place like Hundred Acres. It’s also super instagrammable if you sit in the right place, and the food will totally make your friends jealous! Normally, Sunday brunch bunch reviews are really really good, but Hundred Acres NYC receives a mixed review for me. So, we’re going to be honest and fair, ok? Alright, let’s get to it shall we?

Why does Hundred Acres NYC receive a mixed review?

Hundred Acres NYC gets a mixed review because the scenery is amazing, but the food isn’t as good as I liked it to be. Now, I’ll talk about the scenery first. It’s so pretty! We are talking marble table tops, clean, and very modern. It reminds me of a smaller version of The Smith (which I will do a review about soon!). It is so so a place for working 20 somethings, and it has a small event space in the back. Perhaps perfect for engagement parties or a bridal shower? However, I’m not sure if it was just what I had, but the brunch food wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

Now, I got eggs and cinnamon rolls (pictured above), so maybe they’re specialty is in something different. The prices are very similar to The Smith (future review coming), but the cinnamon rolls are about $9. So, I don’t think that price is worth it, and I don’t want to sound mean, but I’ve had better cinnamon rolls out of the Pillsbury cans. Perhaps it was the particular day I went as it was super busy, but I wasn’t that impressed. Although, the marble table tops are gorgeous, and made for a good photo.

So there you have it! If you’ve been to Hundred Acres NYC or are going soon, please let us know in the comments! For more brunch bunch reviews, click here. Happy brunching!

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UPDATE: It has been reported that Hundred Acres is no more.

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