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Buying Fancy Lingerie

As you may know, I started the Risk 23 Series as a way to get out of my comfort zone. My primary goal is to do things that I would never do. This week I tackled the challenge of buying fancy lingerie. For many women, buying fancy lingerie is a treat. Me, on the other hand, it seems more like a chore. Honestly, I don’t own many fancy items. However, I also don’t treat myself to nice things a lot of the time. Basically, I usually live under the motto of “if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it”. So, for this week’s post, I venture into buying fancy lingerie. Read more about my experience!

How was your day/week?

My day was pretty chill!

What did you do?

So, I bought lingerie and it was a bit liberating. Stay with me here, buying fancy lingerie can be pretty intimidating for me. Honestly, buying anything such as underwear and jeans are such a chore. I say this because most of the time, you have to go into dressing rooms. Have I ever mentioned my disdain for dressing rooms? I try to avoid them at all costs most of the time.

So, when buying fancy lingerie, I tried to approach it in a more positive light. For example, I have a friend that absolutely loves buying lingerie. I think it’s one of her favorite ways to treat herself. Basically, I tried to channel her energy and I think it worked!

Buying fancy lingerie experience
Photo Credit: Girl In Gamba

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

I actually liked buying fancy lingerie! I can definitely see how some people find it oddly satisfying. It’s like buying yourself a present! I think the biggest thing I learned about myself is that buying fancy lingerie doesn’t have to be a chore. I definitely realized that I prefer black over any other color. Ultimately, changing my mindset played a huge factor for me.

How did you feel about this risk before?

One word: pointless. I thought that buying fancy lingerie or just buying anything fancy was a bit pointless. Before, I would never have taken the time to do this, not only because I thought it was pointless, but also because I wouldn’t have given time to buying fancy lingerie. However, I found that taking this time to treat myself uplifted my confidence and mood.

How do you feel about this risk now?

It’s not so intimidating anymore and honestly, I really found it to be a bit soothing. Certainly, it’s not as pointless as I thought it would be. Now, I find myself thinking about why I haven’t done this sooner!

Why did you pick this risk?

Like I said, I don’t really buy fancy things for myself that often. Certainly, I don’t buy fancy lingerie. So getting slightly out of my comfort zone and buying fancy lingerie was on my list of challenges.

Would you take this risk again?

I think I definitely will!

Additional comments?

I think every woman should have one pair of nice lingerie in her closet. Even if you don’t wear it! I found it to be fun looking at different styles and colors. Trying to figure out what I like seems like it would be annoying, but I actually think it was interesting. I not only learned a lot about myself, but I got a pretty gift out of it too!

The lingerie I bought is by Vince Camuto but I bought it from a local department store, so I’m not sure if it’s still available!

Question of the day: What are your thoughts on buying fancy lingerie?

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Featured Image Credit: Girl In Gamba

  1. I don’t have a major comment but i love fancy lingerie. I love it for myself and my hubby. I don’t always feel the most confident in it, yet at the same time i feel beautiful. So happy you took this risk!!

  2. I love the idea of owning lingerie but I’m always so scared to try things on because I don’t ever consider myself sexy! This makes me feel like I should just go out and try some things on and find pieces that suit my personality like you did by buying black pieces. I really like the set you chose!
    xo, Rowan |

    1. Hi Rowan! Thank you for reading! I definitely think that if you find something that really fits your personality, you’ll love it so much! This set has actually become one of my favorite pieces.

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