Here’s Some Good News, Christmas Came Early!

Christmas came early

If you haven’t read this morning’s post then you may be a little lost. Girl In Gamba Magazine has officially been born! I know this may be a bit dramatic, but this project has been such a long time coming. You can find all the information on how to buy the magazine on this page. I’m so excited and happy about my little passion project! I know some people have been asking since I’ve stayed silent about it. However, the time has come! It’s truly like Christmas came early!

Looking back, I don’t know if there have been many times where I’ve received a Christmas present early. However, if I did, it was a gift that was given to me. However, this has been a special treat because I have done this project by myself with the help of some friends who were so kind to contribute their work.

Along the way, a lot happened! I mean, it was so hard to get through those rough times. Additionally, I experienced intense waves of being busy. So, if I learned one thing, it’s definitely time management. There were also times where I thought that I should throw in the towel and just abandoned the project. I think through these times, having the loving support of those around me was crucial.

When I think about the times Christmas came early for me, it brings such a smile to my face. It’s the same smile I had when I received my magazine in the mail from the printers. I think back on the year it has taken me to do this, and it’s like the ultimate Christmas present!

Life can be so hard that it’s nice to have some good news. I definitely have to thank friends and family for supporting me through everything. Creating Girl In Gamba Magazine wouldn’t have been possible without the kind words and contributions. Also, I want to thank those who probably didn’t believe that I could do this. I think that pushed me even further to reach my dreams.

So, Christmas came early and I can’t wait to see what other gifts I get in the future!

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Question of the day: What is something that has happened to you that would make you think Christmas came early?

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Featured Image Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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