Canadian Foods To Eat After Election Day

Canadian Foods after election day

In honor of Election Day, I am giving you amazing Canadian foods via Instagram. Now, I’m an American and I’ve never been to Canada, (shocker!) but I hope you find this listicle very pleasurable on this Election Day (I am so cheeky). I’m probably not the most qualified, but I am a foodie and I embrace my lame comedy and sarcasm.

Ok so if you move to Canada after election day, you will be enjoying…

10. Nanaimo Bar

A Nanaimo Bar somewhere near Nanaimo #nanaimobar #nanaimo #nanaimoception #delicious #mmm

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Can someone please sign me up now?!? According to Wikepedia, this delicious treat “consists of a wafer crumb-based layer topped by a layer of custard flavoured butter icing which is covered with melted chocolate made from chocolate squares” (Wikipedia). Is anyone convinced to move yet?

9. Canadian Bagels

{Day 7} Great lighting, even better bagels 😏 #melbournefood #melbourne #foodbuddy #vacation #unibreak #yummy #canadianbagels #dayseven

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I loooooove bagels as much as the next person. I mean, hello! NYC totally converted me! Well no fear, Canadian bagels are here!

8. Bannock

The Bannock Taco is a local favourite here at the #SLCCwhistler. #nationaltacoday 🌮

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Bagels aren’t your thing? Well, Canada has freaking Bannock Tacos! I’m drooling!

7. Canadian Maple Doughnuts

I love Tim Hortons😍 #timhortons #canadianmapledoughnut #smallsizecoffee

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Is there a difference between Canadian foods and American foods? Well the answer to this question has been provided! I’ve been hearing talk about this, and it looks glorious! America, why don’t you have this?!?! We need this!


6. Butter Tarts

OMG! This is not fair! Has anyone had these butter tarts before? I might just move to Canada after Election Day anyway!


5. Ketchup Chips

best breakfast ever! thanks pauly!! #ketchupchips #canadianfoodsimiss #alldressedbreakfast #workprezzies

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Ok Canada, let’s talk about these treats, mainly the ketchup chips. I’ve heard so much about them, and it’s killing me not to be able to try them. I’m such a Lays Potato Chips girl, so this really intrigues me. Do they actually taste like ketchup? Is this a part of your everyday Canadian foods?


4. Oka Cheese

#firstfridaysfoodtrucks #boiteafromages #raclette #okacheese

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Look at that cheese! I can’t even begin to wrap my head around this, but I want that. I want that cheese.


3. Blueberry Grunt

Blueberry grunt! #eastcoasttradition #blueberrygrunt #yummy #lovepinterest

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Back to sweets! I am not a blueberry fan, I know clutch your pearls, but can we talk about Blueberry Grunt? Canada, you really have me considering moving after Election Day.


2. Canadian Maple Syrup or just Maple Syrup


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We have maple syrup too, Canada. But I do hear your maple syrup is bomb. Sprinkle that on some yummy Canadian foods like  how it’s coating those pancakes and you’re set! Perhaps I could make it part of my post- Election Day breakfast?


1. And the greatest food that you can eat after Election Day….

When in Canada… . . . #poutine #eeeeeats #food #foodpics #yum #mmm #fries #canadian #latergram

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POUTINE! I know some of you would kill me if I didn’t include this on the list. I even put two pictures because god knows how many variations of it are out there on the Internet (a lot because I did proper research for this listicle).

So now you know what Canadian foods are available when/if you move to Canada after Election Day. In all seriousness though, I hope nobody actually tries to move to Canada because of the election. I know this time can be really tough, but we’ll get through it. Friend to friend, right?

*Please don’t poach me. I curated and put together this list after a lot of time researching. There are so many amazing Canadian foods so don’t be mad if your favorite didn’t make this list. Sincerely, this American noob.

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