5 Gifts To Bring Home From Abroad

Gifts To Bring Home From Abroad

I love studying abroad, and I’ve done it 3 times! However, it wasn’t until I studied abroad exactly two years ago that I was faced with bringing home presents from my adventures. Maybe you’re studying abroad in Europe right now, and are puzzled with what to get your family members. Maybe you have an idea, but don’t know what would be best? Well, no fear! With the holidays coming up, and people getting into the spirit, here are 5 gifts to bring home from abroad!

5. Shot Glasses

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One of my sorority sisters was obsessed with collecting shot glasses as gifts or from her own adventures. That’s why I think these can be a good gift. I actually got mine in Florence as a gift to my cousin. Not sure if he ever used them, but I like to think that he liked them. 

4. Foods, Wines, and Chocolates

This one is a little tricky. So I actually had a few bottles of wine shipped home (cost me an arm and a leg). It would’ve been so so hard to get all of it in my suitcase. I did know people who managed to fit one wine bottle and few small bottles of limoncello in their suitcases. So you can do this at your own risk, but customs may take them.

Certain foods as well can be a hazard. Everyone may have heard of the amazing pesto in Cinque Terre, and bringing a jar home would be fantastic. However, please exercise caution with this as well. That should also be said for cheeses, olive oil, and other yummy foods that are home to the country you’re studying in. Chocolates, on the other hand, I’ve never had a problem with, especially if they’re boxed and sealed. I would suggest putting them in your carry on. I also carried macaroons as well from Laduree when I studied in Paris

3. Leather

Leather leather leather. Italy is known for leather, making this one rather Italian-centric. However, I must include it because leather gifts always make moms and aunts happy. Ok, maybe not always, but how many people you know can say that they have a leather item from Italy? I actually got my mom an Italian leather purse, and it is still in great condition. Someone is always asking her where she got it, and she always says that it’s from Italy!

2. Regional Handmade Goods

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This is very very broad so stay with me, ok? So I’m sure you know just about every city or region is known for something. For example, Murano (near Venice) is known for glass items. So it would be really nice to get gifts for people that you really can’t find anywhere else. You’ve been studying abroad in your country for maybe 3 to 4 months now. You definitely know what things that are native to that country that would make them perfect gifts to bring home from abroad. This could be rose salts, raw fabrics, impeccable cutlery, and more!


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And finally antiques! Who else loves a good vintage buy? I do! Antiques are always really nice gifts to bring home from abroad. I bought myself some old postcards that has French writing on them. Why didn’t anyone tell me that French cursive would be so hard to read? However, antiques can be somewhat of a hit or miss for some gift takers. It really depends on who you have in mind. Someone who suffers from nostalgia as much as I do, would love it. But in case, you’re unsure if this is a good move, chocolates are always a great idea!

So there you have it! I hope this list of gifts to bring home from abroad will help you and steer you in a better direction! Obviously, this list is not in any particular order. Every person is different and treasures different things. Let’s be honest, if I had it my way, foods, drinks, and chocolates would be at the top of the list! But just remember, any gift you give from abroad will still be special to the person you’re getting it for. Make sure to check out the holiday archives for some more fun posts!

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