Quiz: What Holiday Destination Are You?

Holiday Destination

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What is your travel preference?

What Holiday Destination Are You?
You Got Italy!

You are Italy! Italy is beautiful for the holidays, and so are you! You enjoy adventure, but you're also not afraid to splurge on yourself here and there. You're not too crazy about cold weather, but can deal with the Italian holiday temperature.
You Got Paris!

You got Paris! You love the idea of luxury, whether you live it or not. Walking down the Champs or visiting the famous monuments and museums, Paris is totally you for the holiday. Sure, it's cold, but the Parisian magic still lures you in.
You Got Colorado!

You got Colorado! You're fairly simple when it comes to accepting gifts. It really doesn't take you much to be thankful. Sitting by the fire is by far one of your favorite things to do during the holidays. Also, snowboarding or going for a ski down the Colorado mountains is totally on your bucket list!
You Got Australia!

You got Australia! You are definitely not a traditional person. You love to go out of the box, and experience new things. You're also not too crazy about cold weather, making Australia the perfect holiday destination for you!
You Got New York!

You got New York! You are full of magic and life! You love adventure and the big city, but you also don't want to be too too far for the holidays. Walking down 5th ave, looking at the window displays is something you want to do this holiday season. Hopefully you'll get to do that and go to that one fancy bar you've had your mind on.

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