How To Be An Adult When You’re Already Adulting

How To Adult When You're Already Adulting

As you may know, I’m considered an adult even though I don’t feel like one. This whole being an adult thing has really freaked me out since I graduated and started my master’s degree program. However, I have thought about getting business cards for quite some time. That’s what adults do, right? I’m not even sure anymore since I’ve come across interns with stacks of business cards ready for distribution. The whole adulting thing is just intimidating, but that’s what I’m kind of doing. So, what exactly do you do when you’re trying to figure out how to be an adult when you’re already adulting?

In walks a Facebook ad that brought this thought back to the forefront of my mind. As I was cruising along on Facebook’s beloved platform, I came across an ad for business cards. This immediately prompted something inside of me. Do I need business cards? What else do adults need? Of course, this is all so silly but sometimes being an adult can be scary. I mean it’s a lot of responsibility and I miss the days where I didn’t have to worry so much about grown-up things. Sure I love what I’m doing now and sure I’m not totally an adult yet, but I know that eventually I will be pushed into the adult world.

how to be an adult when you're already adulting

How To Be An Adult When You’re Already Adulting

Have you ever referred to older people as being an adultier adult? I have! Adulthood can be super confusing and other times I’ve caught myself sounding like my mother. Oy vey! Anyways, I’ve crafted a few points on how to be an adult when you’re already adulting. Hopefully, this will help you in navigating adulthood.

  1. Update Your Resume
  2. Learn The Art of Accepting A Compliment
  3. Put Together An Emergency Kit
  4. Get All Your Vitamins In Your Diet
  5. Figure Out How To Balance Work With Exercise and Everything Else
  6. Successfully Cook A Meal That Requires More Than A Microwave
  7. Avoid A Quarter-Life Crisis or Any Self-Doubts
  8. One Word: Budgeting
  9. Get Enough Sleep
  10. Learn The Perfect Food and Wine Pairings *basically the ultimate hack on how to be an adult*

Maybe adulting isn’t so bad after all? What do you think?

Share your tips, tricks, and hacks down in the comments on how to be an adult when you’re already *technically* adulting!

how to be an adult
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