Day 1 of J.Lo’s 10 Day Challenge | No Sugar & Carbs

J.Lo's 10 day challenge

Hello all! I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted. With the holiday season and other unforeseen experiences, I’ve almost come to a full halt. That is seemingly going to change as I’ve decided to do J.Lo’s 10 day challenge.

If you haven’t heard, J.Lo took to Instagram to challenge her followers and fellow celebs to do no carbs and no sugar for 10 days. Being that the holiday eating has carried over into the new year, I figured this would be the perfect challenge to document my experience and reset my eating habits. Additionally, I’m always trying to improve myself in this crazy post-grad life struggle.

For so long, I’ve been wanting to lessen my intake of carbs and sugar. I love veggies but who would turn down a pizza or pasta? It’s actually really hard to do completely no carbs but I think what J.Lo meant was bad carbs like pasta, pizza, rice, potatoes, etc. As a pescatarian, it can be hard for me to find quick and easy meals. On top of my busy schedule, the last thing I want to do is cook. So, this week is definitely going to be a challenge on all fronts!

Now, for 10 days I will be doing blog posts about how I’m feeling, what I’m eating, and anything else related to J.Lo’s 10 day challenge.

If you’re interested in doing the challenge, here’s a loose guide of foods that you CAN eat that I found over on HipLatina:

  • Meat: Beef, lamb, pork, chicken and others; grass-fed is best.
  • Fish: Salmon, trout, haddock and many others; wild-caught fish is best.
  • Eggs: Omega-3-enriched or pastured eggs are best.
  • Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and many others. (No potatoes, pumpkin, or other startchy vegetables)
  • Fruits: Apples, oranges, pears, blueberries, strawberries.
  • Nuts and seeds: Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • High-fat dairy: Cheese, butter, heavy cream, yogurt.
  • Fats and oils: Coconut oil, butter, lard, olive oil and fish oil.

Day 1

Being a pescatarian, I couldn’t start the same day as J.Lo. (Honestly, I needed a few days to plan this.) However, today is my first day!


If I am being completely honest, I was pretty hungry all day and I need to find a better way to get more protein in. My breakfast really didn’t go as planned as I didn’t have time to meal prep yesterday. So, I opted for egg white and roasted red pepper bites from Starbucks for breakfast. They weren’t really my cup of tea or maybe I wasn’t in the mood for eggs. Who knows! I ended up picking over them and moving on.


For lunch, I picked up grilled salmon and roasted mix veggies. The restaurant put in a few small potatoes so I had to say goodbye to those. For some reason, salmon just never fills me up or I have to have a ton of veggies to feel satisfied. In saying that, I’m pretty sure it was not wise to skip breakfast.


I planned to make veggie lasagna for dinner and that’s just what I did! I used the recipe over on Peace Love and Low Carb. Being the chef I am, I did slightly modify it for my liking. I tried to make things simple and found a no sugar added, low carb tomato sauce at the grocery store. I really enjoyed this recipe and would definitely make it again. Also, I decided to plan my breakfast, but you’ll have to read what I made tomorrow!

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Question of the day: Would you ever do J.Lo’s 10 day challenge?

Photo by Klara Avsenik on Unsplash

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