July 4th Nail Designs That Are To Die For

July 4th nails

I love doing my nails now but this wasn’t always the case. However, I loved trying (and failing) to do nails for 4th of July. Sometimes they would turn out cute, but most of the time they looked so busted! However, after I graduated college last year, I picked up a new hobby of learning how to do my own nails. Granted, I still do a horrible job at intricate designs, but everyone deserves to add a little something extra to their July 4th festivities. Am I right? So, I’ve gathered some nail designs that I think any self-made nail “artist” can appreciate. I have definitely included designs that anyone can do, as well as designs that I definitely can’t do. Let me know in the comments which nail design you’re going to try this year!

Let me know in the comments which nail design you’re going to try this year!

Anyways, let’s get into the firecracker popping nail designs that are just absolutely to die for! As always, I will include links to where you can find any tutorials.

Credit: Gotham Polish

Sparkle and Shine

It seems that this particular look was done with white polish with glitter on top. I think this is super easy for a beginner. However, the hard part might be finding glitter polish that is red and blue. An easy solution in case you can’t find this kind of glitter polish is to acquire red and blue glitter polishes separately and then layer them. You can find this look over on Gotham Polish’s blog post as well as other intricate July 4th designs that are pre-made.

Rikiki Nails


American Beauty

I looked everywhere for a nail tutorial for this, but I couldn’t find one done by the owner. However, I did find the original Instagram post by her that you can find here. If you’re super skilled unlike me, here’s a tutorial for a DIY American flag nail design to achieve perfect stars and stripes. Otherwise, I would take a dotting tool to make the white dots, and then a thin brush to paint on the stripes.

Credit: Peek and Ponder

Simple Beauty July 4th Nails

Now, this is another super easy July 4th nail design that is perfect for a beginner. All you need is red, white, blue, and silver nail polish. Thumb and pinky should be painted red and ring finger should be painted blue. The index finger should be painted white and the middle finger should be painted silver. These nails were a setup for a bit more difficult design, but I think they look great if you want to stop here. If you’re interested in knowing what the finished look is supposed to, check out Ashley’s original post here.

Credit: Unknown

Stars and Stripes

I couldn’t find who this hand (or nail art) belonged to, but I loved it so much that I wanted to include it. It seems that a sticker or stamp was used to create the stars, but I think this look is definitely doable for a semi-beginner. Nina Nailed It did a tutorial with a similar design if you need some guidance to help you along.

Credit: Nails by Asami

Bastille Day Inspo

I couldn’t find the original post because I think this design was done too long ago. However, I do think I have the right credit and you can check her out here. The first thing I thought when I saw this design was Bastille Day! This is essentially the 4th of July for France except it is on the 14th of July and obviously, the history of France is different than the history of America. So whether you’re celebrating in France or America, this is a super cute and minimalistic design to get festive with!

Credit: Paintbox Nails

Over the Half Moons

I don’t think this has a nail tutorial either, but boy is it a cute design! Can you say 4th of July!?!?!?! Check out the original Instagram here.

Credit: pshiiit





Now, this is what I think is super difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it with your non-dominant hand. There’s no tutorial on the owner’s original blog post. However, I would assume this look takes a small/thin brush, a stamp, and glitter. Fireworks are incredibly hard to do and I think she does a great job. I found a fireworks tutorial that could definitely help you.


I hope you enjoyed this July 4th nail compilation of sorts! I am so excited to try out some of these designs and maybe next year I will be bold enough to show off my skills. But let’s be honest, who’s more excited for the food?

Let me know what you’re planning on doing for July 4th! I love hearing from my readers!

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Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

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