The Ugly Truth About Living In The United States

living in the united states

Living in the United States is getting harder and harder to be a privilege to call home. Especially when there seems to be no hope for those who are constantly marginalized in this country. With this administration, we’re getting a hefty spoonful of what it means to be living in the United States. And it’s a nasty spoonful.

Ultimately, I shy away from these issues because it’s the same result everytime. The same situations repeat themselves sooner or later and this makes me incredibly tired and hopeless. However, I’ve had some time to digest this and I want to do right in addressing this serious issue and the ugly truth about living in the United States.

Living in the United States has good benefits, but the country also has its ugly history, therefore, its ugly truth. The world saw this over the weekend. People everywhere were shocked that in 2017 people who pride themselves on Nazi ideals still exist. Well, I’m not surprised. I can’t talk about the good things living in the United States has given me today. Furthermore, I can’t talk about how fortunate I am to wake up and do the things I love and want to do. No, I can’t talk about that.

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Some people may say that the blatant racism started after Trump was elected President, but I beg to differ. Racism has always been there ever since the birth of the nation. What has happened is that there is this thought that it is now okay to be offensive. However, this is not okay. We hear the term microaggressions here and there, but what does that mean? Well, it’s those snide remarks or gestures that seem so harmless but are incredibly rude and damaging. For example, “You’re not like every other [insert race here]”. When thinking about the Charlottesville riots filled with white supremacists, why isn’t it that we don’t say these things to those belonging to the same race? We don’t say, “Wow you’re not like those people”. We don’t say this because we know that not all people are like that.

So, I feel numb. I feel like getting to a time where there won’t be any of this nonsense is far away. My beautiful and wonderful friend, Camille, wrote an excellent piece for HuffPost last year about this kind of feeling and the ugly truth about living in the United States. I highly suggest reading it because she has such a real perspective.

What Is The Ugly Truth About Living In The United States?

The ugly truth is that history repeats itself. Sure, history can repeat itself in any country. However, with this particular issue, I feel like we are living in an upside down world. It’s sad and quite a frightening time for living in the United States. When I think of the many dreamers living in the United States, I think about my own dreams. I think about how I would feel if someone told me that I didn’t belong here. It would be so horrible if my dreams wouldn’t matter. That’s why I stand with dreamers and that’s why I stand with every group that is marginalized in this country. When thinking about these situations, I only have one question. How do we go on from here?

For those who aren’t living in the United States or haven’t heard about this in the news, you can read all about what happened in Charlottesville by clicking here.

Curious about dreamers and DACA, click here.

What are your thoughts about this situation? Do you feel like things will get better? Let me know in the comments!

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UPDATE: This article has been updated to reflect the situation involving the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The original focus was on the riots in Charlottesville.

  1. I hope you guys get through it. I’m from the UK and people like to band us together alot. We are having a lot of issues about austerity and a bit of an identity crisis at the moment too. I travelled through America pre Trump though and I have to be honest I was completely shocked by the racism and the poverty/ homelessness. Similarly in the UK before the Torys were in and Brexit was voted on there were areas so affected by recession and segregation that it was causing deep affects. I think at times like these people can easily be lead down the rabbit hole of blaming people different than them. But people are looking at the wrong differences, because it isn’t a physical difference that makes you better off it is a monetry one. Hopefully both our nations will look back on this in a decade or two and think ‘what was all that about?’.

  2. This is incredibly well written and I applaud you for posting about recent events 💖 I’m heading to the US next month and while I’m excited to visit I’m a little by nervous about what might happen while I’m there 💖

  3. It is sad that racism still exists in today’s world. There’s so many stereotypes everyone still fights with every single day. I do not like it when others generalise certain personality traits to people just because they’re from that country or are of that colour. Why does it matter nowadays? We’re all citizens of the world, let’s just live in peace and be happy.

    Julia xx

    1. Hi Julia! It’s definitely sad that racism still exists. Hopefully, we can see a day where world peace is less a dream and more a reality.

  4. Even tho I am not from the US it always disturbs me to see a new bad thing happening in your country,believe me when I say this that your country is not the only one.All we can do is pray to live in peace and hope that the history doesnt repeat itself everytime.

  5. Everything seems to be taken to extremes in America. The UK is definitely going downhill (with Brexit) but the US always seems to top us! I totally agree that the US has always been a racist country but Trump definitely reinforces it, along with sexism and homophobia. We’ve just got to stand together and hope it gets better soon!

  6. I agree there are so many things wrong with the USA but the racism in our day and age is just awful. I can’t believe that charlottesville even happened? It’s awful and the medical bills of those hurt makes me so thankful we have the NHS here in the uk.

  7. Very well written! I’m an immigrant in the UK and since the Brexit vote I’ve been experiencing a lot of hate… It does shock me a lot seeing all the news about the USA and especially after the presidential elections I lost faith in humanity for a little while. I hope for a day where all these things won’t matter anymore but it’s hard to imagine a world like that (which breaks my heart)

  8. I think the main reason why we are so shocked is because the US is a democracy. You expect a dictature to be intolerant and racist but you would want to think that a democracy would be different. Well, no. I agree with you that the US has been racist since its birth (like many other countries) but the election of Trump just legitimized this views and allowed racist opinions to be expressed

    1. Oh I don’t disagree that the situation is shocking and I think the election of Trump has definitely made these views incredibly loud. That being said, I remember incredibly disturbing things happening when Obama was elected as President and KKK protests going on throughout his presidency. Such an uncertain time for us but I hope you enjoyed the read!

  9. Racism has always been ‘there’; to suggest it started with Trump is a bit silly. (Who forgot MLK, Ida Wells, and all the people prior to that?) I like the US for some of its history-the Kennedy years, Sylvia Plath-but events like this do worry me. (I studied the US in my history & politics lessons.) I pray for the day that this world can hopefully one day be at piece; the Churchill quote, which goes something like “those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it” seems apt in this context.

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