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How do you make life perfect in such an imperfect world?

I’m a perfectionist. Oh boy, am I a perfectionist. It’s quite hard when you feel like you want everything in the perfect order and at the perfect time. Honestly, I trust myself to have everything perfect. I spend countless minutes of my day preparing for big trips or big decisions, knowing that they will be perfect. I know that I can make life perfect. However, not everyone is perfect, not even me. I’m probably the last person to be perfect as I poke tiny little holes in my personality, in my looks, and in my life.

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The truth is that not everything can be perfect and I absolutely hate that about life. Undeniably, I think of ways to make life perfect. Although I work hard to be close my ideal depiction of perfection, I can’t say that I, or in that fact, others live up to that idea.

So how do we make life perfect? Well, as a perfectionist I think a lot. As a result, I worry and there are definitely not enough fingers and toes to keep me from worrying. Ultimately, I spend more time looking back than looking forward these days. I try to remember times where I felt like everything was perfect. However, through these rose-colored lenses, is there a truth? Is there a remedy to make life perfect going forward?

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I’m not sure if life will ever be perfect for me. The perfectionist in me truly hopes so, but I struggle so hard accepting that in reality, we all will have sadness and we will all encounter times where life is undeniably unfair. I’m still learning to come to terms with these times. Believe me, I wish that I would spend more days living my life rather than trying to make life perfect. However, I think. I think about whether these little quirks or bumps in my personality are beauty marks rather than blemishes.

There’s no easy way to answer the question of how to make life perfect. We all know that life can’t be perfect, but it is oh so satisfying when it is close. My advice? If you’re not a perfectionist like me, be glad that you’re not plagued with getting every little thing right. On the other hand, if you’re a perfectionist like me, maybe we can learn together to accept sudden changes and be okay with the fact that we cannot make life perfect.

Question of the day: Do you wish you could make life perfect? How do you handle the unexpected?

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  1. I consider myself a perfectionist and it can be really tough at times because I’m often plagued with frustration and self-doubt. I could really relate to what you were saying, especially the part about worrying a lot. I’m learning to accept that perfect isn’t exactly the most realistic goal and this has helped me to bounce back from disappointment a lot better. Great post!

  2. I was definitely way more of a perfectionist when I was younger, nothing could ever be good enough for me – a good grade on an assignment could be better, a good appearance day could be improved upon, an outfit I loved could be nicer. Now I’m learning that the pursuit of perfection isn’t always necessary, or even a positive thing to be doing! As I’ve grown, I’ve learned to accept that it’s ok sometimes for stuff just to be plain mediocre! Great post, I always love reading your thoughts!

    Abbey 🍂

  3. I feel you completely. In a way I feel like going to uni is all good and positive but it really made a perfectionist out of me, and then the falldown to reality is so hard once you start working etc. Still striving for perfection though haha :p

  4. I don’t know if I would want life to be perfect. Wouldn’t it be too boring? I think imperfection makes life exciting and pushes us to thrive for the best 🙂 xx corinne

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