Men Don’t Like Women Who Don’t Wear Makeup

Men think they prefer women with less makeup? Is that true? Let's be honest, men don't like women who don't wear makeup

I’m so sorry guys for the click bait-like title but this subject has been something that has really been bothering me lately. It’s the idea that men don’t like women who don’t wear makeup or rather men saying they prefer women who don’t wear makeup. I just really don’t understand why some men care so much.

So, I want to start off by saying that everyone is different. I would say that the majority of women (myself included) don’t wear makeup to impress men. I love wearing makeup! Sometimes it’s nice to play in it but I definitely don’t use it with men in mind. However, I can assure you that my ABH Mario palette hasn’t been used nearly as much as my other female counterparts.

On the other hand, I know women who feel a societal pressure to always wear makeup, which is super sucky. Also, I know men who love their girlfriends or the person they’re dating whether they have makeup on or not. However, I recently came across this article by Elite Daily about a man who decided to make an app to find out how women look without makeup. Honestly, I thought there was no way that an app like this existed. Do men really care that much?

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This got me thinking that this guy must have a lot of time on his hands. So, when titling this article, the men I am referring to are the types of men who comment feverishly claiming false advertising on the part of women. These men are the types of men who seem to think they prefer women who don’t wear makeup. The thing is that I believe these men don’t like women who don’t wear makeup.

Men Don’t Like Women Who Don’t Wear Makeup

So, as I’ve mentioned, I don’t wear makeup super often. I envy women and men who are amazing at doing their faces because I think my skills are mediocre compared to others. That being said, I never realized how much some men felt like they should have a stance on makeup until I read the Facebook comments for the Elite Daily article mentioned above.

As I sat there, reading these comments, I was really confused. However, I had a feeling that these men were kidding themselves. Let’s be honest, these types of men don’t like women who don’t wear makeup. They may say they prefer no makeup (I definitely believe that some guys do) but overall, it’s hard for me to believe that they truly want this.

Natural Makeup Looks Vs. No Makeup

The thing is that I don’t think most men know what a no-makeup makeup look really looks like. However, I think when I say men don’t like women who don’t wear makeup, I don’t even think the same men who comment on those types of articles know what this means. The truth is that I think everyone should be entitled to wear whatever they want to wear, whether they want to use makeup or not.

Perhaps I just don’t get why men care so much about what is underneath a girls makeup, but it all seems like nonsense. Of course, if you’re seriously in a relationship, you’re more than likely to see your girlfriend without makeup. At that point, I would hope you’re not shallow enough to dump your girlfriend because of that. As for non-serious dating, I think it’s safe to say that most women don’t care what your opinion is. Why try to see her without makeup? Seems like too much extra effort.

Makeup And Self-Esteem

I see a lot of men commenting on articles similar to the Elite Daily one, claiming that women who wear makeup have low self-esteem. As someone who wears makeup maybe once or twice a week, I can assure you that I don’t wear makeup because I have low self-esteem. This may be true for some, but not all, and I think it’s safe to say not the majority either. It’s so trivial.

Recently, I decided to spend half of the day at home. I wore a really cute outfit, did some house chores, and put makeup on for fun. I could’ve put on my sweatpants but I chose not to.

Less Is More?

Another argument I’ve seen is it’s not that men don’t like women who don’t wear makeup. Rather the argument is that men like women who wear less makeup. I think this can be a valid argument because I believe people can like whatever they choose to like. If you like a woman who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, that’s up to you. However, I don’t think that means to dictate to a woman that she should wear a more natural look. This woman has every right to like what she likes as well. However, with this argument, isn’t it safe to say that men don’t like women who don’t wear makeup?

Do Men Like Women Who Wear Makeup?

The answer is yes. Most of the time, makeup enhances beauty and not everyone can be a perfect 10 without makeup. However, I find it really beautiful that we all look different and we all have physical flaws. What some men should maybe refrain from doing is going out of their way to see what women look like without makeup. It’s a bit immature if you ask me and I’m not sure why it matters what she looks like without makeup. Along with this thought, the type of men who submit to this kind of unnecessary effort and witch hunt, often would prefer the version of the woman with makeup on. So yes, men don’t prefer women who don’t wear makeup. However, I don’t think it’s their place to criticize at all.

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Question of the day: What are your thoughts on men who care so much about women wearing makeup?

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  1. This was such an interesting read! I think the majority of men actually prefer women who wear a natural “no makeup” makeup look rather than a no makeup at all look if that makes sense.

  2. This is such a good blog post! I don’t wear a lot of make up unless I am going out somewhere, and it doesn’t mean that I have low self esteem! Great post 🙂

  3. So true! Men say they don’t like make up or high maintenance woman but I think they are kidding themselves. They complain about make up and how long it takes to get ready but I know very well they don’t want to be with a woman who doesn’t take care of themselves. High maintenance could mean make up, dressing up, nails, doing hair, and a lot of showering. I think they actually really appreciate all the grooming we do. Plus you are so right that men think make up is for them so they think they can tell us what to do with makeup. They need to wake up and realize we do make up for us and really their comments don’t hold as much weight as they think.

  4. Thoughtful post. I think that “men” are all individuals and make their own mind up based on their personalities not being “men” and it’s pointless trying to get the collective view of half of the human population.

    1. Definitely agree. I think I was just trying to get at the type of men that comment on women’s appearances by saying they’re catfishing or that makeup is false advertising. It just seems a bit unnecessary to me and I don’t think these types of men would really appreciate someone that doesn’t wear makeup at all. However, I could be wrong!

  5. I think a lot of men equate the amount of make a woman is wearing with how high or low maintenance she is, which doesn’t have a correlation in my opinion. I not only love makeup in general and own TONS of it, but I also enjoy the act doing my makeup — it’s almost therapeutic to me. Anytime a man I am interested in says something along the lines of — “I like women who don’t wear a lot of makeup.” or “You should wear less makeup,” I know he isn’t the one for me.

    Great think piece here! x


    1. I definitely agree Michelle! I’m not obligated to change something that’s so superficial just because you don’t like it. I wouldn’t criticize someone else if we shared an uncommon hobby.

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