Why We Loved Meryl Streep During the Golden Globes

Meryl Streep Golden Globes 2017

Meryl Streep delivered a very heartfelt speech during the Golden Globes. If you remember our previous post months ago, we saw some ugly and some good results. However, Meryl Streep really brought up some very hurtful memories from the past November, but in a good way! We loved her speech! In fact, we had tears in our eyes like many people in the crowd. What was great about her speech was the sincerity. She expressed how important it is to remind ourselves to preserve through these next four years.

Meryl Streep started her speech mentioning the homelands of many actors present at the Golden Globes: Dev Patel (Lion), Natalie Portman (Jackie), Ruth Negga (Loving), and even Ryan Gosling (La La Land). She then rhetorically asked, “Where are their birth certificates?” The crowd clapped, and she’s right. Hollywood is bursting with people from different places right now. If you look at TV and Film awards and nominations, you’d realize that the actors and directors are all from different places. Just a few months ago, Lion’s Sunny Pawar was denied US visa to attend the film’s screening.

Meryl Streep then went on to speak about the mocking of a NY Times disabled reporter. She said that it broke her heart, and after urging the media to call out the disrespect and lies, her speech became so much more powerful. It was extremely nice to hear someone of such grace speak out on this issue.

“When the powerful use their position to bully others we all lose.” -Meryl Streep

So, I commend Meryl Streep for her speech. It was very moving and very well thought out. As someone who has been bullied and looked down upon for being different, it was nice to hear her talk about these issues with such softness and integrity. Meryl Streep was the epitome of grace at the Golden Globes, and when she quoted Carrie Fisher, ‘Take your broken heart, make it into art,” it really inspired me to put my creativity into something as well!

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