Missing My Dog For The Holidays

So, today’s Blogmas post is a bit sad. A few months ago, my dog passed away and I wrote about the heartbreak around it. The truth is that I still think about my dog. I thought about him for Halloween because earlier this year, I wanted to dress him up. But I think lately I miss him a lot. It’s hard missing my dog for the holidays.

The holidays are a special time. Honestly, I loved getting my dog a new toy for Christmas. On top of this, all of my family loved him so much. It’s hard knowing that this holiday, he won’t be around. Missing my dog for the holidays can be such a difficult thing. There are many times that I catch myself asking where he is as if he were hiding under the bed or something. Whenever I walk in the kitchen, I find myself wondering why I don’t hear his toenails tap dancing on the floor. Surely my sadness isn’t as bad as it was the first few weeks, but it still hurts.

When we left the vet without my dog, I was very numb and then very guilty. Even though my family and I had done everything we could to keep him alive and comfortable, the last time we had to take him to the vet, it wasn’t enough. Missing him for the holidays makes me guilty, but it’s a different kind of guilt. I remember last year when it snowed around the holidays and we suited him up in his favorite sweater. There won’t be any of that this year. So, why do I feel guilty? Well, I still want to have a good holiday and enjoy my time with my family, and I feel guilty for that. I know that my dog can’t be here and that he won’t be sitting beside me or checking out the gifts underneath the Christmas tree.

Missing my dog for the holidays can also be painful. I know that he was really sick and he just couldn’t stay with us any longer, no matter how much I begged. However, I wish that I could have him here. Maybe one day I’ll get another dog to share the holidays with, but right now it’s just all too heartbreaking. Furthermore, my dog was so unique and there will be no other dog like him. I know other people say that maybe a new dog will ease the pain, but I hate the idea of replacing him. Holidays with my dog were special so it’s really sad to not have him around.

If I could give advice to someone who is going through the same thing as me, I would say that holidays without your pet can be one of the hardest things. However, try to remember the good times. Try to keep in mind that the time you did have was so precious and great for them. I’ve learned that maybe it’s not our pets who need us. It’s more like it’s us who need them the most. So, if you still have your pet, make sure to spoil them this holiday season. They deserve it.

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Question of the day: Missing my dog for the holidays is tough. What advice would you give someone who misses their pet?

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