My Top 5 Ways To Limit Stress And Anxiety

Limit stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are pretty common for people and can range for a certain situation to severe and continuous. My stress and anxiety come from being in certain situations like job searching or taking tests. I used to think that there could be a magic pill to take and it will all go away. Sure, there are but it’s such a mild problem for me that I don’t really bother. Luckily, when I get super stressed or anxious, it doesn’t debilitate my daily life, but it does have its negative effects sometimes. So, I wanted to share my top 5 tools I use for stress and anxiety if you deal with a similar problem.

The Daily Stoic

A while ago, I saw a video in which a YouTuber would read daily meditations from the book, The Daily Stoic. Every morning I read the one for the day and write down my thoughts. It’s definitely helped me put things in perspective, especially when I’m writing my thoughts about it. It’s great advice, but I’m still learning the how to’s in applying it.

As a side note, I recommend journaling in general. Just writing down your thoughts make your anxiety about whatever is coming up less scary. Sometimes at night, I’ll write down all my worries and it really helps me realize that I can tackle whatever it is that I’m stressed about.

YouTube Meditations & Affirmations

I absolutely love meditation and affirmations. I really hated them at first and thought it was totally bogus, but after a while, I really got into them. I do them in the mornings and at night if I’m feeling stressed.

Here are some of the ones I use or used to use:

Yoga and/or Working Out

Yoga and working out has also become a part of my daily life. I think people should at least do one or the other almost every day. I say this because since I’ve been consistent about it, my body feels so much better. Coupled with eating healthy 95% of the time, this really helps me. Even just a morning stretch can be good enough. If I’m feeling really stressed, I know a super sweaty workout will bring my stress levels down by a lot, especially if it’s something like boxing, running, or a spin class.

Chill Radio

I love chill radio! I randomly got a suggestion for this via YouTube and it has become a part of my daily morning routine. There are quite a few “stations” on YouTube, but this one is my favorite:

Consistency & Time

Lastly, none of this will really work if you’re not consistent. I’ve tried some of this stuff separately in the past, felt like it didn’t work after 2 days, and quit. However, since I’ve been consistent about it and have taken time with it, I noticed differences. I will also note that Lent is currently happening and I gave up sweet treats and social media. So, the lack of those things could have also had a contributing factor in this.

Ultimately, you have to figure out what’s best for you. People have different tools on how to manage stress and anxiety, but these are just a few things that help me.

Question of the day: 
What are some ways you try to limit stress and anxiety?

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