The Nutcracker Ballet Experience & Other Things

One of the things that just screams holiday is the Nutcracker Ballet! So, for the first time, I went to see it last year! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve wanted to see it forever, but it just never worked out. In fact, I’ve always wanted to see it at Lincoln Center. I had a few chances to when I went to NYU, but again, it never worked out. So, where did I see it? Well, I saw the ballet last year in my hometown and can I say that it was amazing?!?! I was so over the moon and entranced. I can’t imagine how good the NYC Ballet is!

So, what’s so special about the Nutcracker Ballet? First of all, the score is one of the most iconic holiday sounds. I even put a piece on my holiday playlist. You should check it out! My mom didn’t even realize that many of the tunes she has heard for forever came from the Nutcracker ballet. So, it’s one of my favorite works by Tchaikovsky! I think one of my favorite scenes is the Pas de Deux, the dance of the Prince and the Sugar Plum Fairy. It’s just so elegant and I really am move whenever I see it. Honestly, I love watching different versions on YouTube around this time of year.

I do want to mention that I love ballet as an art, and I wish I could go to the ballet more often. The thing is that with time and money, it does become a bit hard. You have to balance your priorities and take care of the most important things first. Additionally, I have a bit of a dancing background, and I think I just never shook my love for dance. It’s funny because I wasn’t a huge fan of my dance teacher and I never got a chance to do en pointe. However, the justification for that was because I don’t have much of an arch in my feet.

So, when thinking about the holidays, I think the Nutcracker Ballet is one of my absolute favorites. I love it when parents take their children to see it because it’s absolutely the best holiday experiences. It’s weird that I went so long without seeing it in person, but if you have the chance, please go. Perhaps next year I’ll get to see the NYC Nutcracker Ballet, but until then, I will prance around listening to the score!

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Question of the day: Have you ever seen the Nutcracker Ballet? What did you like about it?

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