Holiday Quiz: What Kind of Person Are You At Holiday Parties?

Holiday Quiz: What Kind of Person Are You

Either you’re the person going hard at the Secret Santa party or you’re the person who can be found kissing under the mistletoe. Take this holiday quiz to find out what kind of person you are at holiday parties!

At a holiday party, you are most likely doing what?

What is your holiday jam?

Would you rather socialize or eat/drink?

Pick a drink

Pick a dessert

How long do you stay at a holiday party?

Pick a topic of conversation

What Kind of Person Are You At Holiday Parties?
You Got Wallflower!

You got wallflower! You really hate socializing with people, even though Becky from the 3rd floor insists on trying to make you feel comfortable. Honestly, you're just there for the food, and there's nothing wrong with that.
You Got The Joker!

You got the joker! You're the life of the party! You're always laughing, and you really know how to work a room. Chances are you're the first person to break out onto the dance floor.
You Got Mr./Mrs. Complain!

You got Mr./Mrs. Complain! Sorry to tell you this, but you're the person that people wish hadn't showed up at the holiday party. Nothing is to your liking, and you've been dubbed a primadonna. People mostly find you complaining with a drink in hand. However, you do make for some hot gossip.
You Got Party Pamela!

You got Party Pamela! People find you, well, probably passed out in the bathroom. Because there's free booze, you're the first person to take advantage of it. There's no shame for you when it comes to partying.
You Got Classy!

You got classy! Congratulations! You're the only person who is having a healthy dose of drinks, food, and fun. People may think you're boring, but you're so well liked that nobody cares! You're most likely not going to make any regrets at the holiday party.

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