Planning Friendsgiving Last Minute

Planning Friendsgiving Last Minute

Last minute party plan is back! And this time we are going to give you some suggestions on planning Friendsgiving last minute! This is super easy, and yes I did put together that display above! It took me maybe less than an hour to prepare everything, which isn’t too bad. Alright, let’s get down to it!

So when planning Friendsgiving last minute, you want to make this as easy as possible. So think about turning Friendsgiving into a cocktail party, with drinks and appetizers. I made a Thanksgiving Sangria that you can check out here. It’s so good, I promise! Another thing to think about when planning Friendsgiving last minute is the appetizers or the food. Now, if you want a full meal, we recommend you read this article. It has some really helpful tips on planning out a full meal no matter where you are! Keep reading if you really like the cocktail party idea!

So what foods do you need when planning Friendsgiving last minute? Think guacamole and chips, pumpkin pie, or maybe a festive party mix. In the display, you will see all of this. The pita chips are lined around the bowl with the guacamole in the center, and the festive party mix includes popcorn and reese’s pieces. You can definitely use Chex-Mix and candy corn, or any other snacks you desire. Reese’s pieces definitely puts a nice and colorful touch for your cocktail party.

Now, my pride and joy is the pumpkin pie (you can use sweet potato pie as well). The pie is store bought, but it’s ok because we are gonna dress it up and make it look fancy! So like an idiot, I totally forgot to get whip cream from the store. You need whip cream or else this will look plain! But no fear, because whip cream is super easy to make! You can get the recipe below. Top it off with brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon will do just as fine), and you’re good! It looks so much more festive and appetizing. Perfect for when you’re planning Friendsgiving last minute!

The garland that you see is actually something I had sitting in my garage. You can get it at target or even make your own! The letters came from the craft store, and you just stick them on. Additionally, grab some flowers and a vase, I picked up mine from Dollar Tree. Can you believe it?!?! Unfortunately, by this point there are Christmas decorations in store, but you can definitely find some Fall colors! Have your drinks for your guests, and it’s a party! In the picture is our Thanksgiving Sangria, and it’s so good that I have to mention it again. Please please check out that recipe here.

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If you love to party and love to know how to throw a festive get-together, click here.

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