How To Recover From Holiday Overeating

How to recover from holiday overeating

I am so guilty of holiday overeating! How could you not? The food is just so good and I absolutely cannot help it. However, this year I have really tried to do well with eating healthy and exercising. After all, your health is really important. Additionally, I’d rather get into the habit of eating healthy now. That being said, when it comes to holidays, I just cannot help myself! I mean have you seen all the yummy treats I’ve been making lately?

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So, I know that Blogmas is coming to an end, but I really want to put in a few tips to help with holiday overeating. Honestly, I am an advocate of doing whatever you want. However, I do feel guilty sometimes for stuffing myself to the brim. I think it’s important to note that there’s a difference between getting really happy with all your choices and just eating everything for no reason. That being said, I’m not a registered dietician or anything. So, if you’re struggling with disordered eating or anything like that, please see a professional.

Alright, so here are my tips for recovering from holiday overeating!

Don’t Feel Guilty

Like I said, sometimes I feel guilty of holiday overeating. However, I think it’s important that you don’t feel guilty. I love the holidays, I love family, and I love food. So, it’s no surprise that I might overeat a bit. I think it’s good to keep in mind that you shouldn’t feel guilty about overeating because if it’s just once in awhile, like for holidays like Thanksgiving or 4th of July, it’s not going to affect you as much as you think.

I remember being a bit dramatic and thought I gained 10 pounds from holiday overeating. The thing is that maybe I gained a pound or two, but there’s a lot of factors that go into weight gain. What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t feel guilty and just get back to your healthy habits.

Don’t Weigh Yourself

Like I said, I have been super dramatic before about weight gain from holiday overeating. What I try to do now is to not weigh myself after the holidays. There are a lot of factors that go into weight such as water weight and bloating. These two things are so common when eating during the holidays. So, I would recommend waiting maybe a week or two once you’ve gotten back to your health routine. However, that’s only if you really want to track your progress. I think it’s important to note that some people can get addicted to weighing themselves. So, please be mindful and stay away from the scale directly after the holidays.

Go For A Walk

Whenever I’ve had too much to eat during the holidays, I like to go for a walk. I think a while ago, I read that walking helps with digestion. So, if I absolutely stuffed myself, going for a walk helps me feel better. Sometimes when you’re eating for the holidays, you’re so busy laughing and talking with family and friends that you don’t realize that you’ve eaten too much. I’ve definitely done that and then the food settles in and you feel super heavy. Don’t panic because this does happen. If you really feel uncomfortable, try going for a quick 20 or 30-minute walk and I’m sure you’ll eventually feel better!

Don’t Starve Yourself

I know that many people will think that this is a no-brainer, but I think this point really ties everything together. Many of these tips, I think are good tips. However, they can be abused and I think it’s important that if they are abused, that person should seek professional advice and help. However, sometimes when we overeat during the holidays, we think that we can combat this by starving ourselves. I know I’ve done this before where I say something like, “well I overate for dinner so maybe I won’t have breakfast”. This isn’t the right way to do things.

Being okay with the fact that you ate too much is a priority. You shouldn’t feel guilty about doing that and trying to make up for it by starving yourself. I say acknowledge it, don’t beat yourself up about it, and get back on your healthy routine. Everything is going to be okay and just because you did some holiday overeating, isn’t the end of the world. Just make the next day a new day and get back to your routine.

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