The Art Of Shopping For The Perfect Holiday Gifts

Shopping for impossible people can be really hard and finding the perfect holiday gifts for loved ones can be daunting. Every year I have this dilemma with my mom. Sometimes it’s hard to know what she really wants. It has gotten to the point that I have had to ask her for a Christmas list because I just don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I know what my mom likes. For example, when I studied abroad in Paris, I made sure to get her some macarons from Laduree because she loves them so much. So, with things like that, I know what she likes. However, when it comes to picking out the perfect holiday gifts, it’s another story.

Picking out the perfect holiday gifts involves some kind of stealth. I say to pay attention to what they may want early. Keep this in mind because when the holidays come, it will be easy. However, I know this is not always easy. So, I’ve put together a list of items that may help you on your quest to find the perfect holiday gifts.

DIY Kits

Last year I wrote an entire post about DIY kits. In the past, I’ve done an ice-cream in the box gift, a museum in a box gift, and more! These are my absolute favorite because they can be so much fun to put together and it also requires creativity. Furthermore, these kits are the perfect holiday gifts for when you want something that you’ve done on your own. I know people have really enjoyed my DIY kits because it’s something you can’t really get anywhere else!

Magazine Subscriptions

I know people say that print is dying and it’s all about the digital. However, I know there are people, like myself, who enjoy picking up a physical book once in a while. If the person you’re having trouble getting the perfect holiday gifts for likes magazines (or even books), consider getting them a magazine subscription! So, what if they don’t want a magazine subscription? Is there a magazine you think they will like? For example, my mom likes Town & Country, but she doesn’t like every issue of the magazine. So, one year I saw an issue that I knew she would love and that became one of her gifts!

Also, while you’re at it, make sure you buy a copy of my magazine! It’s perfect for the literary lover!

Gift Cards

When in doubt, get them a gift card! You really can’t go wrong with gift cards. If you’re going to get specific than a normal Visa gift card, make sure it’s somewhere that the person likes. For example, one of my best friends loves to read and loves bookstores. For her birthday I got her a card that screamed her and a gift card to an independent bookstore. That same thoughtfulness can be applied here. I guarantee that tailoring the gift to match the person will be even more special.


I’m someone that loves little knick-knacks. You know, things that don’t fall under the typical perfect holiday gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional gifts! However, some other ideas that you may want to keep in mind include crystals, an oil diffuser, or an herb garden. These are some really unique gifts for a very unique person.

So, the art of shopping for the perfect holiday gifts can be a bit intimidating, but I hope this guide helped you on your quest!

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Question of the day: Do you ever have trouble shopping for the perfect holiday gifts?

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