Why Being Single For The Holidays Is The Best

Being single for the holidays is the best

I know I’ve been a bit anti-relationship lately. However, I really do love being single. Don’t get me wrong! It would be really nice to have a significant other to spend the holidays with! However, that is not the case this year. I know there’s a lot of sentiment around spending the holidays with someone special, but it’s really okay to be single for the holidays!

1. Money, Money, Money

Honestly, I find that spending the holidays with a significant other can be really stressful. I get really stressed picking out gifts for my parents! Honestly, it’s hard to wrap my head around trying to find the perfect gift for a significant other. I know that it’s the thought that counts, but when you’re a perfectionist, all reason seems to go out the window!

Let’s talk about money. Being single for the holidays is the best when you get to be selfish with your money. If I am going to spend time with my significant other’s family for the holidays, I definitely have to have gifts. This is another layer of stress for me. I know this might sound a bit selfish, but I would love to spend the extra money on my mom or even myself. However, maybe I will change my mind down the road.

2. Parents 101

Also, let’s talk about meeting the parents. Being single for the holidays mean not having to split time between your family and someone else’s. I love hanging out with my family during the holidays. So, it would be really sad to not spend time with them! Also, I would assume that my significant other would like to spend time with his family too unless he really doesn’t. In that case, perhaps this doesn’t apply. However, it would be so stressful for me to have to meet my significant other’s parents. Also, vice versa. My mom is not an easy cookie to crack!

3. Zero Embarrassment

Now, say that my significant other spent the holidays with my family. I can guarantee that I would be 100% embarrassed. Although I love my family, I can imagine some of them testing him out. They would probably judge him, interview him, and want to know everything about him. Also, I have some family members that love to joke or even prank people. Hopefully, he would be able to handle all of this! That being said, I know I would be so incredibly embarrassed. Being single for the holidays can guarantee that your cousins won’t ask your significant other a million and one questions.

4. The Bed Conversation

Being single for the holidays means having the bed to yourself. I don’t think I can emphasize enough how much I love having a bed to myself. It’s the best feeling in the whole world to me. This brings me to spending the holidays with family. I would feel extremely uncomfortable sleeping in the same bed as my significant other while in their house. I’m not sure if this is the old-fashioned side of me, but there’s something really uneasy about it. Although I have no problem having my own bed, it makes for an awkward conversation.

5. Every day I’m Travelling

So, I love to travel, but most of the time I have to travel to see my family. Everyone knows that traveling around the holidays is the single most stressful time for anyone involved. I am super serious about that be two to three hours early rule. Being single during the holidays ensures that I will get past TSA efficiently.  Most men that I have encountered take the whole I’ll get there when I get there approach. This would absolutely drive me insane! Although travelling with someone can be really fun, I would just prefer that we get to the airport on our own.

So, ultimately I would rather be single for the holidays. I’m sure if I truly cared for someone, then maybe these things won’t matter. However, for now, I am saying hello to all the egg nog, hot chocolate, and holiday leftovers!

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Question of the day: Pick one: being single for the holidays or being in a relationship. Why?

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  1. I’ve never spent a christmas with a boyfriend’s family until yesterday being the first time. There’s something snug about being invited to such an intimate occasion. I think being in a 3 year relationship where this never happened, and now being in a relationship for just over a year and spending christmas with his family feels so normal, there’s a lot to be said for the guy you keep in your company. You’re dead right not to settle just for the sake of it. There’ll be plenty of christmases where you’ll be wishing for that alone time, so appreciate it while it’s there. And never feel bad for choosing to do so. If it makes you happy, then it’s totally worth it 🙂

    Glad you’re having a fab holiday!

    – Chloe

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