Sorority Alum Events That You Must Plan

If you’ve read my about me page, you’d know that I was a sorority girl. One of the positions I held involved planning sorority alum events to increase engagement with the alums and collegiate members. So I’ve had my fair share of planning sorority alum events!

One of the websites that I would always get inspiration from was this Sorority Sugar post. However, it doesn’t really tell us how to make sure it’s successful. Well, I’m going to give you three events that are guaranteed to make your sorority alum events a success!

The Easiest Most Fool Proof Type Of Sorority Alum Events

Mixers! Alums love anything where there’s alcohol. These events are also super super easy! Because of FIPG rules, you have to make sure that this is a third party vendor, i.e a bar or restaurant establishment. Also, everyone has to be 21+. I used to always promote these mixers as Happy Hour mixers and found a place that had good drink deals. Pro tip: If your university holds alcohol events for seniors and grad students, chances are that they’ve already found these places, which helps you with your research. I cannot stress how easy this type of event is! Always make sure you send out a sign-up sheet and a flyer via email at least 2 weeks in advance. Collegiate members may be able to take the time at the drop of a hat, but alums have busy lives, and it’s always tough to wrangle them together.

Coffee and Conversation

One of my favorites!!!! It requires a little bit more planning, but they can be so much fun. In fact, they can be almost anything you want them to be. I’ve done this at least twice. Once as a way for alums to provide feedback to the current sisters about different topics, and another as a networking event. You can also do this as a philanthropy event, like making postcards for children in the hospital.

It’s hard to say which one is easier depending on your strengths.  Feedback circles require facilitation, so if you’re not good at being a hype-woman or not a fan of filling in awkward silence, I don’t recommend. Networking is more work on the pre-preparation side, but once the event starts, it goes very smooth like butter.

Catering for this type of event is minimal. Opt for a veggie or cheese platter, DIY cookie platter, chip bowl, coffee travelers from Starbucks or Dunkin’, and some orange juice or sodas. People love to munch at these things, and if you want to get fancy, you can DIY a tea sandwich platter. The most I’ve spent on food and decoration for this type of event is $300, and the least has been around $150. Additionally, I’ve used rooms on campus that are free of charge to clubs, but if you have a really nice sorority house, you can definitely do this there! Make sure to let the alums know at least a month in advance, and remind them every week after.

Anniversary Brunch or Luncheon

This will be the headache of your life! It’s very worth it when done right, but extremely expensive. When I say extremely expensive, we’re talking about over $1000. Now, I’m sure you can get the costs down by having it at your sorority house, but getting food for this type of event can be troubling. That’s why we recommend doing it every 10 years (I’m kidding). It can be easy if you pick a venue and they have good catering, but did I mention that this will be extremely expensive? I do have to say that if you scale it down to a setting like the coffee and conversation idea, then it could be quite doable, but remember that this is going to be a full on meal and not just snacks.

I know you see a common theme here. It’s food and drinks! That’s what I’ve learned as a sorority girl and event planner. People love free food. Some other ideas include group classes, as suggested by Sorority Stylista. I recommend that you always tell alums early. I cannot stress this enough! In order for your sorority alum events to be successful, you must remind them in advance! They are super busy, so remind them once a week leading up to the event. Sure they might get annoyed, but they have so much going on that it is very easy for them to forget. Additionally, opt for some really cute themes! They tend to be a hit!

If you love to party and love to know how to throw a festive get-together, click here.

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