Spooky Birthday Party Ideas And How To Plan One!

Spooky Birthday Party Ideas

Recently, I talked about my birthday and how I turned 23. Well, I planned a party and I kind of wanted to share my experience! To begin, my birthday was on the spooky Friday the 13th, so being that it was October, I wanted a spooky birthday party. I took to Pinterest to try to get some spooky birthday party ideas, and it was really hard to find something I liked. I eventually settled on this setup and took inspiration from it. However, I changed some things up and learned from planning this party so I can share with you!

Now, this post is more about spooky birthday party ideas and less about how to plan one. However, we will cover both, so no worries! This post also goes in hand with my last minute Halloween party post, so make sure to check that out for some extra tips!

Spooky Decorations

Now the first, and perhaps most tedious things are decorations. I, unfortunately, didn’t take any pictures of many of my decorations, but I would recommend checking out Target or a crafts store. Many of them have decorations on sale.

Spooky Birthday Party Ideas
Photo by Hipster Mum on Unsplash

For example, I got a shiny gold skull for $3, a sparkly black banner for $5, and two sparkly black skeletons for $6 together. I also got a black glittery spider web fabric and a few black and gold pumpkins for decorations from a craft/fabric store (Joann’s) that were 60% off. So, I would definitely look into buying these items before they run out!

How Should You Stage Your Food?

Now, I wish I would’ve gone all out on the food decorations, but a lovely family friend was so nice to help out with making food. So, we had your standard silver serving trays. However, if you’re having a smaller spooky birthday party, consider a DIY spooky cheeseboard like this one.

spooky birthday party ideas
Photo Credit: Girl In Gamba

Also, don’t be afraid to put decorations near the food! I opted for a gold skull candle holder that I got from TJMaxx (TKMaxx for my British readers). I love having a centerpiece or something that can catch someone’s eye. It’s a bit fun and adds to the theme of the party!

Should You Serve Drinks?

The answer is yes! At least have some sodas or water for the guests. If you really want to be fancy, you can serve a signature drink. This was a bit hard for me with a number of people that were at my party, but I did have wine, champagne, and sangria with a little bit of a twist.

spooky birthday party ideas
Photo Credit: Girl In Gamba

Now, this is completely optional, but while I was at Party City, I managed to find some really cool labels for bottles. What I did was slap the labels on the back of the drink bottles so that guests can just turn to see whether they’re drinking wine or sangria. This is one of my favorite spooky birthday party ideas because it adds a sense of excitement. I also had napkins that said, “Here For The Boos” and a plaque that said, “Time For Boos”. I got them at TJMaxx and Target.

Spooky Cake Time!

I love cake and I love decorative cake even more! This is perhaps one of the spooky birthday party ideas you must have at your event! Now, you don’t necessarily have to have a cake like mine, but consider a gothic cake like this one or perhaps a fun spooky birthday cake like this one.

spooky birthday party ideas
Photo Credit: Girl In Gamba

I had been dreaming about this cake for months so I was determined to make it a part of my birthday bash. And guess what? It was a hit! Definitely make sure your cake is delicious and fit for the occasion!

Spooky Playlist

Last, but not least, you must have a spooky playlist or at least a playlist that goes with the spooky birthday party theme. I actually made one and I’m sharing it right here with you! It is on Spotify but hopefully, you can take some inspiration from it!

So, these are all my spooky birthday party ideas that will help you plan your horrifically awesome event!

Question of the day: What is one thing you would want to see at a spooky birthday party?

Share your spooky birthday party ideas in the comments!

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