Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party

Summer Brunch Party
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Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Berries and Cream Crepes

I love love love crepes. They are so perfect for the summer time! This is why I'm including them in this list! Check out the recipe: Berries and Cream Crepes

Source: Like Mother, Like Daughter
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Breakfast Pizza

Have you heard of a breakfast pizza? Well now you have! This is perfect for a brunch party. Seriously! Just make a couple of these bad boys and serve up! Check out the recipe here: Breakfast Pizza

Source: The Kitchn
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Chocolate Cherry Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate? Cherry? Cinnamon Rolls? What more can I say? Check out the recipe here: Chocolate Cherry Cinnamon Rolls

Source: Country Living
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Spiked Raspberry Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is a brunch staple, but spiking it takes it to a whole new level! Check out the recipe here: Spiked Raspberry Sweet Tea

Source: The Cookie Rookie
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Citrus Salad with Fennel Vinaigrette

When I think of brunch, I normally don't think of salad. But I have been changed! This salad looks so delicious and perfect for a summer brunch! Check out the recipe here: Citrus Salad

Source: Bon Appetit
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Loaded Breakfast Sandwiches

This sandwich is super easy to make and it only takes 20 minutes! If you're looking for a quick recipe for your summer brunch party, this is it! Check out the recipe here: Breakfast Sandwich

Source: Country Living
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Strawberry Coconut Soup with Mint

This is definitely not a typical brunch recipe, but it's so reminiscent of summer that I have to include it! What a fun recipe! Check it out here: Strawberry Coconut Soup

Source: The Wimpy Vegetarian
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Watermelon Mimosa

This is not just any mimosa, this is a watermelon mimosa. Now, can you say yum? Because I can! The recipe takes about 10 mins and makes 6 mimosas. Check it out here: Watermelon Mimosa

Source: Cookie And Kate
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Asparagus, Tomato and Smoked Salmon Tart

Believe it or not, but this recipe is not as hard to make as it looks. It's definitely doable for a summer brunch party. Check out the recipe here: Smoked Salmon Tart

Source: Nadia Lim
Top 10 Recipes For Your Summer Brunch Party
Crescent Bacon Breakfast Ring

Your friends are going to be so jealous of this breakfast ring. I mean, croissants, bacon, and eggs? Sounds like a winner to me! Get the recipe here: Breakfast Bacon Ring

Source: Jo Cooks

It’s no surprise that I’m squeezing a brunch post in on this countdown to summer 2017! So what about brunch that I like so much? Well, first the food and the drinks, of course! Last year when I graduated college, I threw a brunch graduation party. Let me tell you, it was fire! So I know a little bit about hosting a summer brunch party. These recipes are not your typical mimosa, bacon, and eggs recipes. These are super unique and really capture the idea of summer. Who knew summer brunch could be different?

First, we need to talk about what you need to plan a summer brunch party. You’ll need decorations, an amazing summer playlist (you can find one here), and importantly food. Now, you’ve seen the title of this post. Obviously, the highlight here is on food. That’s what you came for! But we’ve got to look at the total package when it comes to the summer brunch party, right?

So, first, you have to invite friends. You can’t have a party without friends! Then, you’ll need a color theme. Try to go for some bright colors like teal, orange, or hot pink. This will really set off your party and your friends are bound to be impressed. Another tip would be to make sure you have enough plates and silverware for everyone. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but I just want you to be prepared. Lastly, if your summer brunch includes everyone sitting at a table, consider having a cute centerpiece. This could be flowers or a very small statue-like piece.

Now, you’ll need the food and drinks. That’s where the gallery comes in handy! These are 10 hand-picked recipes to have for your summer brunch party!

Looking to throw a summer brunch party? You need to check out these recipes! Pin for later!

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Let me know down in the comments if you’re going to plan to make any of these delicious foods!

This article is part of the 10-day countdown to Summer 2017! It’s a series of all things Summer-related to kick off June through Labor Day! To see more posts from the Summer 2017 series, click here!

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