Girl In Gamba’s Summer 2017 Bucket List

summer bucket list

If you’re anything like me, planning is a big thing for you. I also like to make goals and try to stick to them. Spoiler: I usually give up after 3 days. However, it’s the summer and what a time to make a bucket list! There’s a little something for everyone in this list, so it is definitely a take-what-you-need situation. Anyways, here’s Girl In Gamba’s Summer 2017 Bucket List!

1. Dress up for no reason and spontaneously seize the day.

This is something I don’t do as much as I want to. I will admit that I love coordinating outfits and looking super cute. However, sometimes the summer can be so hot and it’s not nearly as fun to put on makeup. Sometimes it feels like your face is melting off! That being said, I’m all for seizing the day and taking advantage of the warm weather!

2. Find the perfect ice cream shop.

I am a true ice cream connoisseur. Believe me. This summer I am on the hunt for the perfect ice cream shop where I will probably spend most of my days. I have no shame when it comes to a sweet and cold treat!

3. Watch fireworks.

The last time I watched a fireworks show was 2 years ago! This summer I am planning to change this. I love fireworks, I really do. It’s just that something always seems to stop me from going somewhere to watch them. It’s probably the crowds.

4. Start and finish a big DIY project.

I am so notorious for starting and stopping projects. Especially in the summer time! It’s like my brain just doesn’t want to finish the project no matter how much I love doing DIY things. Hopefully, I can change that this year!

5. Find a new artist and become obsessed with them.

Lastly, I want to say that I love music. Currently, Lana Del Rey is my obsession (anyone else for her album to release already?). I would really like to find a singer to be absolutely obsessed with and have summer jams for days!

So, what do you think about my bucket list? I know it may not be super exciting but the important thing to keep in mind is that your summer is going to be what you make it. Find the fun things in the little things right? Meanwhile, I will be enjoying my time by the pool with an ice cream cone, listening to some awesome music! What will you be doing?

This article is part of the 10-day countdown to Summer 2017! It’s a series of all things Summer-related to kick off June through Labor Day! To see more posts like this, click here!

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