Having a Summer Romance Is Overrated?

Summer Romance

I’ve always dreamed of having a summer romance. I know summer isn’t exactly cuffing season, but there’s something appealing about warm weather brunches and going to beer gardens together that really makes me think summer romances aren’t overrated. However, being the person that I am, I like to see both sides of the situation. Perhaps it’s time to understand why people break up right before summer?

Summer Time. Fun Time

What I hear the most about the end of cuffing season is the weather. People like to cozy up to someone and stay warm. I totally get this, I really do. However, the last thing I want to do is cuddle up to someone in the winter. I am cold, it’s gloomy outside, and I just really need some introvert time. My sweaters are doing a fine job of keeping me warm. Although the summer is hot. Nobody wants to be cuddling when they already feel like they’re melting. So, I get the weather thing.

On the other hand, I’m going to be honest and say that I judge people who just get into relationships because they’re lonely and need a cuddle buddy for the winter. I’m all for doing what you want, but it seems like such an empty decision. So, of course, you’re going to break up when it gets warmer! You’re not truly compatible because you jumped into a relationship for all the wrong reasons!

Sure it’s nice to have someone hang out around you in the winter, but it’s also nice to hang out with someone in the summer. I mean, what are friends for? Also, I think summer romance pics are cute compared to being bundled up in 10 layers.

Catch Flights, Not Feelings

Oh boy! I love and hate this phrase. I love this phrase so much because I love traveling and I don’t want to be in a relationship just yet. Summer is such a prime time for jet-setting across the world. I hate this phrase because you can totally catch flights and feelings. It’s fun traveling with someone if it’s the right someone.

Also, I feel so happy in the summer. Really, I’m in such a great mood! I get so fussy in the winter that I’m convinced that I get a touch of S.A.D. I wouldn’t wish my poor winter mood on anyone, honestly.

Seasons Change, And So Do Them

This observation really goes back to when people jump into a relationship just because they get lonely in the winter. When summer comes around, you may notice that this person hates brunch, rooftop parties, and beer gardens. That is why you probably shouldn’t snatch the first decent person who comes along. I would say that my judgment of people is better in the summer, but hey, maybe I’m wrong. However, I don’t want someone that is going to end up feeling like a burden more than a comfort. Honestly, communication is key in this instance.

Others like to blame social media, which is really a whole other topic I feel strongly about. Social media isn’t the cause of people looking for someone better. In that case, you could say the same about being in college. It’s really just the person you’re dealing with, and most likely they were too lazy to look for someone better in the winter.

People don’t actually change, but rather I think seasons shuts off certain parts and turns on other qualities that you may not have noticed before. There’s also that honeymoon stage where you’re blinded by the warm, fuzzy feelings. This can totally be a letdown, but you’ve had all winter to talk about interests, right?

Is having a summer romance overrated? What do you do for summer dates? Is summer the death of couples? Pin for later!


Final Verdict On Having A Summer Romance

So what’s my final verdict? I don’t think having a summer romance is any more overrated than winter romances. I advocate for finding someone who is truly compatible over someone who is just a convenience. When you put it like that, it just seems a bit sad. Who wants to be used as just a convenience? Also, I’m a strong believer in communication. Communicate, communicate, communicate, and don’t ignore the warning signs. Summer is here, so you should have fun with or without a significant other.

This article is part of the 10-day countdown to Summer 2017! It’s a series of all things Summer-related to kick off June through Labor Day! To see more posts like this, click here!

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