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Who loves brunch? I do! Recently, I visited Two Hands on Mott St (they also have a location in Tribeca), and it was really delicious! I tried the Acai bowl, avocado toast, and a latte. So what do I think about Two Hands? Basically, I highly recommend for the brunch bunch that is looking for a healthy alternative. So why do I love Two Hands so much? Well, they have so many healthy options. We’re talking smoothies, juices, chia pudding, and sandwiches! Did I mention my fave? Avocado toast! The avocado toast is so yummy, and I love to squeeze extra lemon juice on mine.

Honestly, healthy eating has never been more fun! However, the downside is that this kind of dining can get pretty pricey (please see their menu)! Is it worth the price? Maybe! I know not everyone is as kitchen savvy, and I myself have even tried to replicate these brunch yummies (read: it didn’t turn out well). That being said, eating at Two Hands once in a while should be looked at as a once in a while thing if you’re really pressed for a budget.

What I love about Two Hands is their minimalistic style. It is so neat, clean, and crisp. Additionally, it creates such a calming environment despite the fact that the place is always busy. Getting there early is a must! However, the windows let in so much light, virtually making your meal instagrammable. Can we talk about their Instagram for a minute? It is to die for!

Can't go wrong with an Acai bowl on an easy Saturday. Thanks for coming in, @deborabrosa! 🌿

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Take it slow and have a nice long breakfast with us. Thanks for stopping by @honeyandvelvet_

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Coffee for Two by @flowers.n.cream

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Final Verdict?

So yummy and pretty! I cannot get over what a gem this place is. Seriously, you’ve got to visit at least once. Did I mention to try the avocado toast?

Leave me a comment if you’ve been before!

You can check out Two Hands by clicking here.

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