How to Throw The Perfect Galentine’s Party

Galentine's Party

We know all about parties, but most of all, Galentine’s parties! Couples may have Valentine’s, but we have Galentine’s, so here are a few ideas that you can do to throw the perfect Galentine’s party!

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Color Match Your Party

So, first of all, you need a color scheme! Typically, I would opt for pinks, reds, and whites. But this is your Galentine’s party so pick your colors, and stick to them. I once had a friend who had a black and gold color scheme, except she chose blue emoji plates. I think this kind of confuses your party goers, so I would say to stick to a color scheme. Some ideas include Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pretty In Pink, or even a 50 Shades party.

Round Up The Troops

Now that you have a color scheme and theme, it’s time to round up the troops! It’s not a party without food, so make sure you have your invitations (or group chats) ready to go! Make sure you put the time, date, and include the party theme. Let your homies know what’s up!

Party Food and Drinks

This is my favorite part! You’ve got to have food at a Galentine’s party, so think about your theme. Do you have more pink and reds for your color scheme? Opt for strawberry shortcake or spaghetti. Do you have a Tiffany Blue color scheme? Opt for salads or pesto-based pasta. If you’re looking for some drink ideas, we’ve got a plethora of options to chose from. Also, include chasers like Ginger Ale, Coca-Cola, or Orange juice. Make sure you have enough food for your Galentine’s guests!


This is an important part of your Galentine’s party. You want to make sure your party is aesthetically pleasing. Some decorations you want to think about are balloons, a “Happy Galentine’s” party garland, as well as colored plates and serving items. If you’re planning on a budget, you can get some really good finds at Dollar Tree, but usually, Party City is my go-to place.


Ok, so entertainment is #1. You don’t want a boring party, so make sure you plan some entertainment. This includes music, card games, or beer pong. If you’re having a spa night, make sure you’ve got nail polish, masks, and makeup. If you’re having a Galentine’s movie night, make sure you have an arsenal of movies ready to go!

So go out there and plan your Galentine’s party because you still have more than enough time to celebrate!

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