14 Days of Valentines: Gifts for Him

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14 Days of Valentines: Gifts for Him
Beard Oil

*Insert Old Spice Commercial* Does your man have a beard? Then he may appreciate beard oil! Photo Credit: Etsy

14 Days of Valentines: Gifts for Him
Black Ice Candle

Black Ice... the manliest sent that has ever existed. Men love black ice, right? Well you can get him black ice in a jar, so he can still feel "manly". Photo Credit: Etsy

14 Days of Valentines: Gifts for Him
Brewery Tour

Now this one is different! Does your man like beer? What about a brewery tour? This is definitely different from your typical dinner night Valentine's Day! Photo Credit: Pexels

14 Days of Valentines: Gifts for Him

Sure, men can get a haircut for far less than women, but sometimes your man deserves something better than Super Cuts (or maybe Super Cuts is his thing). Opt to get him one of those nice haircuts at one of those fancy places! Photo Credit: Pexels

14 Days of Valentines: Gifts for Him
Baked Goods

Ladies, men love desserts as much as we do I'm sure! I mean who wouldn't love a fancy baked dessert prepared for them? If you're on the edge of your success of baking, perhaps look into getting some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Don't worry, we won't tell! Photo Credit: Pexels

Men can be incredibly hard to find gifts for. This is incredibly hard for a guy who hardly ever expresses what he wants. Or for the “I don’t know” guy, who is just about chill with anything. Yeah, these guys, these guys are hard to find gifts for. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but don’t give up!

Especially don’t give up now, because this list might help you cure your case of the Valentine’s gifter’s block (like writer’s block). Anyways, after some digging, I think I’ve found 5 different gifts you can get for him on Valentine’s day!

Beard Oil

Now, I know what you’re thinking, what is beard oil? I asked myself this too when I first heard about it. Is this something that men like? Have men been using beard oil this whole time? What is it? Is it new? So many questions went through my mind! I just had to know what this beard oil nonsense was about. The product pictured in the gallery is a beard grooming kit, which contains beard oil and beard balm.

The set is “terrific for all stages of beard growth. Great for the initial itchiness when beginning growth and also keeps beards healthy and well-maintained once the desired length is achieved”. It comes in 6 finishes: peppermint, citrus, ocean, “Balsam Forest (vibrant fresh pine notes), woods (cedarwood, rosewood + deeper wood notes),” and an oil free option for those with sensitive skin! It’s organic, free of parabens, and free of animal products and animal by-products. You can get it on Etsy for $18! They have other gifts perfect for men that are similar as well!

Black Ice Candle

I love a good candle! My favorite scents are usually vanillas or citrus tones. For some reason, men love the black ice smell. It’s like the go to Bath & Body Works scent for them! Well, you can get this lovely Black Ice candle on Etsy as well by clicking here. The amazing people behind this candle also make firewood, leather, and tobacco scented candles and wax melts. They also have a man cave starter pack, which by the way, sounds awesome. So, if you want you man to smell more like a man (or black ice), get your man a manly scented candle.

Brewery Tours

Men love beer, right? Whenever I’m out, most men are seen with a beer. I don’t know why, but there is something manly about a beer I guess. I mean I don’t mind a good beer either, so maybe this suggestion is a win-win for some people! So, book a brewery tour! Pretty neat, eh? When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of a candlelit dinner, but a brewery tour is actually pretty neat! A quick Google search yields promising results, as there is most likely a brewery near you.

A Fancy Haircut

Does your man go to Super Cuts? Does your man need to upgrade a bit? Get your man a fancy haircut! Ok, so this could be a hit or miss, honestly. But a fancy haircut gift sounds pretty rad in theory, right? I fully believe that some men love feeling good and looking good like us ladies, and that is 100% if you do. So if your man is one of those guys that fits into that category, perhaps a fancy haircut would be the perfect gift for him!

A Fancy Dessert

Now, the final (and my personal favorite) gift is baking! Bake your man a dessert that is to die for. We know you guys out there love sweets! It’s ok, we do too! Bake your man his favorite dessert, but make it ultra special and ultra fancy. Now, sometimes baking just does not go our way, so we won’t tell if you have to head to the grocery store or the Cheesecake Factory to get a fancy dessert this Valentine’s Day!

Don’t worry guys, we will be making a “gifts for her” post as well! For more 14 Days of Valentines, click here! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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