Can We Guess What Kind of Valentine’s Brunch Food You’ll Have This Year?

We are continuing 14 Days of Valentines with a fun little quiz! We love love love brunch, so what a better way to try to predict what brunch food you’ll eat near Valentine’s this year! Doesn’t matter if you’re single, taken, or it’s complicated. You’ve got to take this quiz! So, can we guess what brunch food you’ll eat around Valentine’s Day this year? Can we guess it based off of your astrological sign?

Pick Your Sign

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Can We Guess What Kind of Valentine's Brunch Food You'll Have This Year?

You got pancakes!
Eggs Benedict

You got eggs benedict!

You got waffles!

You got bacon!
Avocado Toast

You got avocado toast!
French Toast

You got french toast!

You got oatmeal!

You got yogurt!
Home Fries

You got home fries!
Cinnamon Rolls

You got cinnamon rolls!

You got omelette!

You got quiche!

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All astrology signs are credited to Pixabay.


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