Happy Valentine’s Day Drinking Game for Singles

Valenine's Day Drinking Game for Singles

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you single on Valentine’s Day and have nothing to do? Well, we’re here to rescue you. All you need to do is round up your lady friends, and get them playing this Valentine’s Day drinking game!


Are you still intrigued? Good, because this is probably going to be the highlight of your day. We recommend participating in this game by using water, but if you’re going to actually drink, we’d rather you do it in the house. I mean it’s like the rules of feminism! Please use your best judgment, and don’t drink and drive. Also, please don’t drink at work. I know this sounds like common sense to most, but what kind of mother do you think I am? Alright, enough with the Mean Girls puns.

Ok, so all you need are your single lady friends, some beverages, and of course the internet:


Happy Valentine’s Day, Friend!

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