Weekend Notes | A New Personality Test?

The new personality test- the enneagram test

Hello everyone! I know I usually do weekend notes on Mondays, but I was super busy this weekend and didn’t have the strength to crank one out. However, my weekend was still interesting because I recently found out about this new personality test (well not so much new, but new to me). I think we all have heard of Myers-Briggs, but there’s a personality test called the Enneagram tests. There are two versions and they are both free.

I’ve taken the Myers–Briggs test a few times and I’ve had slightly different scores. However, I typically do notice some common themes and have narrowed things down. Ultimately, I think I am ENTJ but I’ve also been scored as an ESTJ. However, this new personality test is a bit different.

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Now, what is the Enneagram test? According to the website, the “Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types”. Personality types come in the form of numbers instead of letters. Typically, you are one personality but have variants or wings of other personalities. Below are all of the personalities:

the Enneagram Test- The new Myers–Briggs
The test results are divided into 9 personality types

I took both of the tests: the normal one and the one that gives you your instinctual variants. For the first one, I scored as The Loyalist, meaning I have personality type 6. Also with this test, I scored as 6w5. The w5 refers to what wing I am. According to the website, wings indicate when “one has characteristics of one of the types that lie adjacent to one’s own that are more prominent”.

On the second test that gives your instinctual variant, I scored as type 1 (considering wings, 1w2) with a self-preservation variant. I thought this was interesting because I had scored as type 6 on the other test. That being said, the website mentions that personality types are not always accurate. In my results, I do see some commonalities, so I definitely think it’s interesting to take this test.

Here are my results:

the Enneagram Tests results

So, what will I do with these results? I think they are a bit of an insight into who I am as a person. They can definitely be used as a way to position myself in the world. For example, it can help inform me about what careers may be best for me. Also, it’s just really good to know yourself.

If you’re interested in this new personality test, you can take the Enneagram Tests by clicking here.

Question of the day: Would you consider taking this new personality test?

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  1. This is so fascinating! I’ve never take a personality test before so you’ve introduced me to something totally new today! Headed off to take this one. Thanks for sharing!

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