Alternatives to Secret Santa For The Holiday

Alternatives To Secret Santa

We’ve all heard about Secret Santa, but what if you want to spice it up? Here are 4 really good alternatives to Secret Santa that are guaranteed to make your office party, holiday party, or sorority chapter event really awesome!

White Elephant

White elephant is fun when the participants have a good sense of humor! It is perhaps one of the most popular alternatives to secret Santa. So how does it go? Well, each person should bring in a wrapped gift, and have all the gifts in one spot. Us a hat or a bowl and have count off and put their number on a sheet of paper. Everyone must draw a number from the hat in order to participate. (It’s actually to have a high number than a low number like 1 or 2). The first person to go gets to pick a gift and open it in front of everybody, and then the next person can either steal it or pick a new one. If that person steals the gift, the person it was stolen from must pick up a new gift. It’s best to put a limit on the amount of times a gift is stolen. I say 3 times tops!

DIY Boxes/Baskets/Kits

This option is quite possibly one of the most creative alternatives to secret Santa! Everyone should make a cute basket or DIY kit. To determine who goes first, draw names out of a hat. Sounds pretty simple right? Well DIY gifts can be fun or a pain depending on who you ask. So if you’re puzzled for an idea, we’ve included some easy ideas and how to make DIY kits.

Ornament Exchange

So, this is very similar to the DIY boxes and kits idea. Except with ornaments! Each person should work off a blank ornament (Dollar Tree usually will have some this time of year). Again, draw names out of a hat to determine who goes first! Make sure your ornaments are super festive and fun! Remember, ornaments don’t have to be just those round balls. This is a creative project!

Gift Guess

A gift guess is super easy and fun! Have everybody bring in a gift that is wrapped where it’s hard to tell what it is. Draw names out of a hat, and have each person present the gift while the others guess what it is. The first person who guesses correctly gets to keep the gift! Whoever’s turn it is can give clues, but it shouldn’t be too obvious!

So there you have it! These are just some alternatives to secret Santa that are great for the holidays! Make sure to check out our holiday playlist and the winter holiday archives for more festive posts!

If you love to party and love to know how to throw a festive get-together, click here.

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