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Citizens of Chelsea Brunch Breakfast Review

So, as some of you may know, I used to live in NYC and I occasionally go back to visit friends. Well, I found a cute gem in the Chelsea area and I decided to showcase it in a Sunday Brunch Bunch post! Although we didn’t exactly have brunch, it definitely could be considered such. So, here’s my brunch review of Citizens of Chelsea!

So, I recently made another trip up to NYC and we were a bit puzzled on where we wanted to get breakfast. Make sure to check out my NYC highlights on Instagram! The great thing about Citizens of Chelsea is that they serve breakfast all day!

The downside to Citizens of Chelsea is the location. I used to work in Chelsea and I have to admit that it can be a bit of the walk. The closest train is on 23rd and 8th ave I believe and this place is on the corner of 25th and 9th ave. So, it’s not super far but beware of that if you’re walking from a subway stop that isn’t the A, C, or E.


So, let’s talk about food. Citizens of Chelsea calls itself a “hip, Australian cafe with inventive breakfast & brunch fare, plus house-roasted coffee, beer & wine”. I have to admit that it is very much like that.  My friends had the avocado toast and the coconut and blueberry muesli. I had the breakkie sandwich without bacon (vegetarian life). I think everyone enjoyed their food! Although I did love the sandwich, I could’ve done without the tomato chutney. It was a bit too tangy for me but I can definitely see how others would enjoy it! That being said, it hit the spot and was exactly what I was looking for! Next time I really want to try the Belgian waffle with Nutella powder.

The taste of the food didn’t blow me away. It really depends on what you’re looking for! If you’re looking for a relatively healthy and yummy place that doesn’t have the lines like Two Hands, this is it. That being said, I’ve had other brunches or breakfast outings that really impressed me. However, you won’t be disappointed if you go here! The food is good and I think it’s definitely worth visiting, especially because of the atmosphere and the quality of service.

Citizens of Chelsea Breakkie Sandwich and Avocado Toast
I had the breakkie sandwich and my friend had the avocado toast.


Like I said, if you’re looking for a place that isn’t too extremely crowded, but is in the same arena as Two Hands, Citizens of Chelsea is it. I do have to say that I went on a weekday, so weekends could be a different story.

Citizens of Chelsea is verstile and is also really good for solo dining. I know that I’m a bit self-conscious if I’m eating by myself. You don’t have to be here. There are tons of places for you to chill out and eat. It’s also great for doing work. When we were there, I noticed a few people on their laptops. It’s really a casual spot that’s perfect for almost every group. The only thing is that it’s small, so big groups beware!

Citizens of Chelsea is also heaven for an Instagram queen (or king). There is a lot of natural light in this place and it kind of makes you feel like you could be in Miami or Las Vegas. The greenery is nice and the way the food is presented is perfect for Instagram. So, you can definitely keep up your Instagram game!

Quality of Service

Citizens of Chelsea is pretty chill and the staff is very nice. I would describe it as the cool cousin who lives in a trendy part of town. I never felt like I couldn’t flag down a waiter for help. Additionally, the waitress was always checking to see how we were doing. On top of this, the food came fairly quickly as well!

Value For Your Money

I would say that Citizens of Chelsea is on the more reasonable side of the spectrum. I’ve definitely paid a lot more for brunch for the same amount of food. However, I’ve paid the less for brunch for more food. I would say that it’s priced just fine for a place in NYC. I know my friend who ordered the muesli couldn’t finish hers and she paid $9. The breakkie sandwich is $13 plus $4 for avocado and the avocado toast is $14. So, I would say that it depends on what you get! However, overall, it’s a pretty good price for most things.

I definitely enjoyed this restaurant, and I would totally go again! I’m actually really glad that I went because I often find myself going to my same old spots. This was definitely a treat!

If you’re interested in going or you want to check out the menu for Citizens of Chelsea, make sure to click here.

Question of the day: Do you think you’ll try brunch/breakfast at Citizens of Chelsea?

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  • Taste
  • Atmosphere
  • Quality of Service
  • Value for Your Money
The Good


Reasonable Price For NYC

Some Vegetarian Options


The Bad

Not So Great Location

Average In Food Taste

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