How To Get A Date The Old-Fashioned Way

How To Get A Date The Old-Fashioned Way

Let’s be honest, my track record with online dating hasn’t been great. So, I’ve definitely decided that getting a date the old-fashioned way may be for me. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that women making the first move isn’t very old-fashioned. However, I would disagree with you. In Victorian times, the women would bat their eyes at a potential suitor or perhaps drop their handkerchief. This gave the guy a chance to talk to her. I think the same can be applied to modern dating.

So, I know that I primarily write for women, but men, I think you can learn something from this too! Honestly, I think these tips can be versatile and swapped out for any pronouns you wish!

How To Get A Date The Old-Fashioned Way

Expand Your Friend Group

I would say that a lot of people meet other people through their friends. Personally, my main group of friends are other women. However, I know that in the past, I’ve met guys because I’ve had guy friends. Although nothing really came of that, it does and can happen. Dating is really like a game where everything is just trying to match up. So, be open to new people coming in your life.

Be Friendly

As mentioned in a previous post, there are a lot of places to meet people the old-fashioned way. For example, hobbies such as pottery, gymnastics, salsa dancing could be a good place to find singles. (Make sure to check out the post for more suggestions). Ultimately, being friendly and creating conversation is a good stepping stone. If you feel a good connection, perhaps ask to meet up outside of the hobby or place you’ve met this person.

Pay Attention

I love this one because I think it’s something that we’ve forgotten to do. I think many of us don’t really pay attention. We may be on our phones or talking with our friends. So, we flock to Tinder or Bumble because there’s a perception that finding people to meet is a bit challenging in person. I don’t think this true and ultimately, we just need to pay attention because there are people all around us.

If you’re in need of an example, check this out!

A: Hey sorry to bother you but do you know how to get to X cafe?

B: Sure! It’s two blocks down and to the right!

Alt B: No, I don’t. Sorry!

A: Thanks! (maybe take a couple of steps in the right direction and then come back) Hey, are you busy by any chance? Would you like to get a coffee or something with me?

Alt A: Thanks anyway! Well hey, are you busy by any chance? Would you like to get a coffee or something with me?

I know this may seem scary, but don’t be afraid of rejection. I’m sure the more you do it, the more you’ll feel comfortable with taking this approach.

Start A Conversation

Last but not least, as a continuation from the last point, one crucial way to get a date the old-fashioned way is to start a conversation. You don’t even have to do small talk most of the time. One time I was with a group of friends at an alumni function and we politely asked this cute stranger if he would take a picture of us. After he took the picture, I thanked him and asked him what his name was. We ended up hanging out with him at a bar. He was interested in one of our friends, but it was still a neat way to meet. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask anything because a simple hello at a party may be enough!

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Question of the day: How do you feel about getting a date the old fashioned way?

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    1. Hi Ellie! There’s definitely pros and cons to both online dating and old-fashioned dating. I think ultimately it’s how you want to go about it. Personally, I favor the old-fashioned way. Thanks for reading!

  1. I love this! I have been toiling with the idea of writing something about modern day relationships myself 🙂

    I hate the idea of getting online on Tinder and I much prefer just getting out, smiling at people and having a genuine conversation. In my eyes, it works WAY better than online.

    <3 Mon

    1. I agree! I see apps like Tinder as places for hooking up. Although I know people who have met their boyfriends via online dating, it’s just not for me. I really do prefer the old-fashioned way. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. This is some great info! I use dating apps, but at this point I’m mainly just on the hunt for terrible profiles to laugh at rather than an actual connection! If I’ve learned anything, people may think the people they come across in real life are scary, but people online can be way more wild!


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