QUIZ: How Much Holiday Movie Trivia Do You Know?

Holiday Movie Trivia

So, I’ve put together a little quiz to get you into the holiday spirit! I love watching holiday movies around this time of year! One of my favorites is actually The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. However, I will have to admit that my holiday movie trivia isn’t as good as some people! That being said, I wanted to include a fun twist to the Blogmas post! So, I thought why not a quiz? I’ve made holiday quizzes before, but never trivia!

So, how much holiday movie trivia do you know? Take this quiz to find out!


In The Santa Clause, Scott Calvin works where?

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In Home Alone, what kind of money does Frank carry?

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In Elf, which park does Santa's sleigh crashes?

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In The Polar Express, what drink do the children have while on the train?

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In Love Actually, where does the Prime Minister and Natalie have their first kiss?

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In the The Nightmare Before Christmas, what does Jack call Santa Claus?

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In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, why was Cindy Lou awake?

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Holiday Movie Trivia
The Holiday Movie Connoisseur

You've got all of the answers correct! You know these movies like the back of your hand! You are truly a holiday movie connoisseur!
The Holiday Movie Noble

You know your holiday movies, but you're not quite there with your trivia skills. For that, you get the holiday movie noble.
The Holiday Movie Jester

You may like holiday movies, but you're not very good at holiday movie trivia! You can think of yourself as a holiday movie jester, you're entertained but you're not too concerned about it.

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Question of the day: What did you get on this holiday movie trivia quiz?

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