NYC Holiday Guide: The Best During The Holidays

NYC Holiday Guide

So, one of my favorite places to spend the holidays isn’t just abroad, but I also love to spend time in New York! If you don’t know, I lived in New York for quite some time for school. Since then, I’ve moved away. However, New York City is still close to my heart and one of the best places to go during the holidays! If you haven’t been to NYC for the holidays, you are missing out! I think everyone should go at least once in their lives. It’s so magical and so much fun! Although, most of the time it’s cold, it’s totally worth it! So here’s my little NYC holiday guide!

Ice Skating

I wouldn’t say that I hate ice skating. The thing is that I suck at it. Additionally, I never really properly learned how to ice skate. I’m not sure why, but I rarely went ice skating as a child. However, ice skating in New York City is a treat, which is why I’ve included it in this NYC holiday guide. My university used to bus us to Central Park for ice skating once a year. Honestly, I avoided it until my senior year and quickly realized how much I missed out on a fun time!

Rockefeller Center

If you’ve heard about NYC during the holidays, you’ve probably heard about the tree. Well, the tree sits at Rockefeller center and it’s so cool to see. Also, Rockefeller Center also turns into an ice skating rink! There can never be enough ice skating rinks in NYC during the holidays! Rockefeller Center isn’t my favorite place, but it’s worthy of being added to the NYC holiday guide because of the sheer amazement of the Christmas tree!

Bryant Park

A while ago, I visited Bryant Park’s Winter Village. During the holidays, Bryant Parks has its own Christmas market. It’s so cool and one of my favorite holiday markets in NYC! Additionally, I actually prefer Bryant Park to Rockefeller center. I feel like there is more to do because they have shops and a skating rink. It definitely belongs on this NYC holiday guide, but it also is one of my top places to visit during the holidays.

The Window Displays

The window displays are my absolute favorite! So, of course, they have to be on the NYC holiday guide! I love looking at them more than anything else! I know that Christmas is approaching fast, but if you get the chance, please visit them. So, what are the window displays? Well, once a year, many stores on 5th Avenue, usually from Herald Square up until 60th St, have gorgeous decorations in their windows. Saks 5th Ave usually ends up being my favorite!

Need a map? Curbed has one if you need specific instructions.

So, I hope you enjoyed my little NYC holiday guide! Truly, if you ever get a chance to visit the city for the holidays, you must check out these favorites! From Central Park to 5th Ave, the whole city is so magical to experience!

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