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Hello everybody! It’s time for another Sunday Brunch Bunch post! I am so excited, and I’m sure you are too! So what lovely place did we go to next? Cafe Mocha! It’s a cute little spot in downtown Manhattan 2nd ave and 7th st. I am in love with this place, and I know I say that for every place that I’ve talked about so far, but I am in love with this place for the lattes. The lattes are to die for! Hands down, some of the best lattes are here. Depending on the barista, you’ll be able to get nice latte art as well!

The food here is not that bad either! That’s pretty awesome for a Sunday Brunch spot! We all know how Sunday Brunch is. Plus I really like this place because it doesn’t get super crowded. Everyone knows how annoying it is to be eating brunch in a cramped space with tons of noise and people shuffling about. Yeah, I hate that too. You really won’t find that at this place. Also, when it’s warm outside, it’s really nice to sit. Perfect for taking pictures for Instagram, like the one above. I’m sure you’re tired of me raving about avocado toast.

So what about the food? The food is good! I’ve had the french toast and I’ve had an omelette. It’s pretty standard for the price, and the location is fairly easy to get to. It’s cute and it’s decent! You really can’t go wrong with this place. I just have to say that the lattes are really amazing! I know I’m repeating myself, but believe me when I say that I love their lattes.

So, let’s take to Instagram to see what everyone else is saying about this Sunday Brunch spot!

sunday mornings ☕️

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Cafe Mocha 🍩 | @gabearaujo

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So who’s going to try this place out ASAP?!?!

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You can find out more about Cafe Mocha by clicking here!

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