Weekend Notes | Being A Foodie

Weekend Notes | Being A Foodie

This past weekend I fell in love! I had the most delicious food ever! It was a lovely veggie wrap with truffle fries. I have to say that eating is one of my favorite things to do. Have you ever just thought that eating something truly delicious fixes everything? Well, I do because I’m a total foodie.

Whenever I try something new or I go to a new place to eat, there is this anticipation that happens. You’re hoping that the place you’ve chosen or the food you’ve chosen is going to be good. When it’s good, it’s almost like a relief. Well, this weekend I have perhaps found one of my favorite places because the food left me absolutely surprised, stunned, and wanting more! I think it’s so great when this happens and as a foodie, it gives me the opportunity to really enjoy myself. It’s really that moment of bliss that makes you want to share it with someone else!

So, I know in my redemption post I mentioned coming out with some good content. One thing I want to do is to create more food-related content. This means more brunch reviews, more restaurant reviews, and more recipes. For this past Blogmas, I loved creating recipes and it really got me back into the swing of things. This is something that I truly look forward to doing in the future.

I think being a foodie means that you’re open to experimenting and that’s what I want to do this week! However, while you’re waiting to read those lovely posts, check out this list of some of my favorite food-related posts that I have done and what others have done!

The Perfect Guide For A Foodie

Hopefully, you get a chance to check out these awesome posts! And don’t be afraid to unleash the inner foodie in you!

Question of the day: Would you consider yourself to be a foodie?

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