Changes in the making?| J.Lo’s 10 Day Challenge

J.Lo's 10 day challenge no carbs no sugar

It’s day 3 and I think I’m seeing some changes! I don’t mean physical changes though. I definitely didn’t wake up feeling extremely hungry. However, I am wondering if my hunger is a result of too large portion sizes before starting J.Lo’s 10 day challenge of no carbs and no sugar.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt hungry today, but I had some pretty substantial meals. So it could be down to my prior snacking and overall eating habits.

If you missed day 1 or why I’m doing this challenge, click here!

Day 3


So, I was smart and made some egg bites last night and had 4 this morning. That’s a good amount of protein I would say! However, I still felt hungry afterwards. So, I dealt with the tummy rumbles and drank some water. I probably should have done that before eating. It was here that I felt like maybe there are other factors contributing to why I feel so hungry.


I feel like lunch is starting to get redundant, but I had the leftover lasagna I made in yesterday’s post. I promise dinner was different.


For dinner, I decided to cook cod with some mixed veggies. I don’t have a recipe as I pretty much cook my fish the same. You can read a post a did a while ago on how I cook my cod. It’s pretty simple and easy. I sauté the mixed veggies too with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little bit of butter.

Today’s Takeaway

I definitely am loving the things I’m cooking and I feel like I’m starting to have more variety, despite the fact that I’ve had lasagna 3 days in a row. Honestly, I was always eating falafel pitas, stuffed grape leaves, pizzas, plates of pasta, bagels, oatmeal, and potatoes. Yes, there’s variety in that, but that’s a lot of carbs for one day. So, I definitely like incorporating these very low carb foods.

Question of the day: Do you think boredom is related to overeating?

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